Hi is anyone familiar with.

Voges: MoeSizlak: my answer here has an example, maybe it can help you. see the retrieveVideo function http://stackoverflow.com/a/25962425/1098884

Strangstalien: Does it use http range header?

Goodfriend: Cus not all servers support that so i dont want to use it

Emig: Literally just want to check the first 0-10 bytes to see if its an image

Chalfant: Hi, I am making a $.get call upon a button click, and I’d like a loading image to show up while the data is retrieved from the remote site. Is there a simple way I can do this?

Dewaele: What is the difference between focus and click event?

Evancho: Hellyeah: focus is if you focus it via tab

Hooey: Xatenev: tab you mean tab key on the keyboard?

Savastano: Am trying to show a hidden field using google console but it seem jquery doesnt work on they

Hoehl: My site is using jquery

Kott: What if i hover over, focus event will be triggered?

Middlekauff: Baako: you should do a fiddle

Tutino: Hellyeah, how jquery doesnt work on google console?

Covitz: I dont know what google console is honestly did you mean console that pops up when you hit f12?

Enrique: What are you trying to do exactly?

Grandon: Did you include jquery file

Elway: Can you do a small fiddle?

Nuzzo: Write some jquery in google console just like you can write javascript on google console 😀

Pedrin: Am trying to write this hellyeah $”.showfield”.show;

Nielsen: Hellyeah, i thought it will trigger that on the application

Chafe: I will do smt real quick

Saras: Baako: https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/4j07828u/ first div is hidden in css click b1, b2 and b3 respectively to see whats going on.

Gutta: Thos methods accept some parameters if you give some number you can do this with animation

Owney: Baako: check the console after clicking b1 https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/4j07828u/

Gloss: Hellyeah, nothing really. just wanted to press F12 on chrome and with some jquery to interact with the html elements on the page 😀

Brenda: I just try to show show , hide and toggle

Schoff: If you do small fiddle someone including me can help you more

Hewey: On youe jsfiddle hit f12 if you are using chrome

Fogo: Or whatever the debug key is on the broswer you are using

Prizzi: Trying writting some jquery on it

Levra: Thats what i am trying to do

Druetta: I didnt know much about console

Flennoy: But i bet you can write something on source

Colehour: After finding relevant file

Ginnis: Im a newbie to chat, is any way I can register username, and how to get invitations and rights to certain nodes liek #php and #mysql ?

Chianese: Andrei___: = #freenode

Caluya: It says cannot send to channel if i want to write anything over there

Thomen: We have a strange problem with jquery removeCl***, font-awesome and IE10

Tippit: We have an element, to which we add the cl*** “fa-spin”, and it starts spinning

Vavricka: We remove it again, it still spins, however after that there is no element with the cl*** fa-spin in the DOM anymore

Rapozo: We add it again, then remove it again, and then it stops spinning

Guilbeaux: We use addCl*** / removeCl***

Oien: Never mind, its a bug in IE apparently that doesn’t rerender the DOM if cl***es get removed

Mayton: Worked around it by following advice to just request height attribute which forces it to redraw

Eichman: Nasty but It Works For Now tm

Silerio: Andrei___: Try now over there!

Abegg: Hi is anyone familiar with a form widget that allows you to to create a list with an input field and an ‘add’ button or something in that direction?