When one of them is.

Hizer: I have a string ‘$29.16 USD’ I need “2916” as output. how can I get this ? any regex shorthand ?

Sheston: Do you know datepicker d

Caba: What’s your question?

Fredell: I have two datepickers when i click any title i want to do different thing as i understand there is only one datepicker. How can suceeed that. If my plan is right when you focus on input box i have to add a cl*** to datepicker i can do that with focus event but i dont have exact clue how to do that? Can you give me hand? https://jsfiddle.net/w19xmbbq/13/

Mollenkopf: Https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/w19xmbbq/19/

Thall: I just want to add different cl*** to datepicker when from and to is focused

Kunc: But there is only one datepicker

Lacombe: I dont know how it is possible

Schapp: Any help would be appreciated

Bokor: You know what you need to do hellyeah?

Petzoldt: You need to use the word damn less often

Reinier: Do you─▒ have an any suggestion?

Marchessault: You know what you need to do,

Collums: I need to keep my opinions to myself?

Carchidi: Your sentence is a bit aggressive

Bajorek: The term cannap used?

Lurvey: Cannap doesn’t use it that much

Ihm: So quiet in here. who wet the bed?

Pfister: Ihm: thank you from earlier.

Gelle: Turns out by earlier, i mean this time yesterday.

Cuchiara: That is exactly what he said thanx AdamPDotty

Ihm: Then decx threw in a siblings’selector’ option

Ovalles: Decx: belated thanx ;

Mossien: Thats it, thats all I remember from my spanish from 3 years in school xd

Jahaly: Keep going, i wanna learn spanish!

Ihm: The longest one i remember was something like: todo lo que brillia es oro

Ihm: No todo lo que brillia es oro

Ihm: Not all that glitters is gold

Bennis: Ah and donde esta el bar mas cercano

Jeng: Ihm: how is it going?

Shigemi: I see the problem i have

Wattles: Sometimes i am coding without thinking enough

Pellett: Can i ask something about focus event?

Ojeda: When you tab to element it is focus

Vicoy: Or when you click element it is also focus

Ihm: Provided it’s an input

Ihm: Others you have to do some trickery on to make that work the same way

Gulbransen: I couldnt see exact relation with my problem https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/w19xmbbq/20/

Cowan: I can get the id of datepicker with this

Gantnier: You mean adding cl*** the datepicker with focus event if you remember

Ihm: I know what your talking about. i’m asking what your confused about, :

Wickersheim: Are you talking about adding cl*** to datepicker by using its id?

Ihm: What is happening below the line that says //Make the following work ?

Baggett: This should happen when .from is focused and when .to is focused respectively

Ihm: Be descriptive. what is happening?

Hackerott: That div doesnt exist

Gautsch: When you focus on this div

Newcombe: You would have to replace that with .from or .to ofcourse

Ihm: It’s created when the datepicker is init’ed

Ihm: So what’s different between the two on bindings?

Bickett: I have to add this cl*** to spesific datepicker when it is focused

Oliva: Two different cess cl***es

Thurgood: I have to add those two cl*** seperately right?

Vargis: When they are focused?

Grap: When one of them is focused