I don not want the client.

Chez: I have .keydownfunctionevent {

Mcmahill: Can u p*** a function to history.pushState?

Saltz: Call it on popstate?

Szychowski: What are you envisioning?

Tayloe: Instead of coding a bunch of on popstate events

Busker: Just p*** a known variable for a function

Szychowski: I feel like maybe we’re crossing wires.

Brazell: Currently my code works like this

Nervis: Ifevent.state.foo == true{ //load the pop state stuff}

Pietrowski: What I want is event.state.yeahloadstuff

Sorrels: Then in my other area where I code the stuff I want to have happen, I can just p*** that to the popstate

Szychowski: I wouldn’t pop a function into the first arg if that’s what you mean.

Desilvio: But i’m already doing this.

Chirafisi: I just can’t p*** it to the event.state for some reason

Nickisch: Event.state seems to hold variables just fine, but it won’t hold functions.

Szychowski: You don’t want to put a function in there in the first place.

Szychowski: Because it’s data, not logic.

Delhoyo: So then aww I know what I can do

Seals: Onpopstate{loadevent.state.var;

Szychowski: What “load” function is that?

Gaige: Yeah this will work just fine

Coyne: It’s a custom one I make

Pulice: This way I can keep track of it

Szychowski: Okay yeah – you just p*** that data to a function.

Pazderski: Yes and I can add to that, maybe it’s even an object i’m calling to

Giaccio: But it’s fine 2 lines of code instead of just the 1.

Lawrance: And accomplishes same thing.

Szychowski: I’m still lost, but OK.

Bentle: Instead of p***ing event.state.thisfunctiononload

Getachew: I will put in my code “alwaystrytoload”

Bois: And then I can put inside the alwaystrytoload a handler like “what’s the function ***ociated with your popstate”

Szychowski: You’re not, like, generating javascript are you?

Szychowski: Something here seems really “off” to me.

Brechbiel: I just always have a function, the function can be simple

Ingrassia: Like maybe “hide this” “show that”

Szychowski: It’s basically just store a state object, call a function when the pop happens.

Szychowski: That’s how you normally do that.

Vencill: Right but I want to streamline it

Oldenburger: So I don’t have to keep adding to the popstate function

Szychowski: That *is* streamlined.

Gilboy: But my popstate now has like 50 checks

Szychowski: Right, so that one function can do a bunch of other things.

Crotwell: Ok maybe only 7 but still

Cofield: I’d rather an array of functions that I can add to

Saeger: Same way I utilize like .load””,function{//do this on load};

Szychowski: Really you want a router

Szychowski: So then why not just use a framework that’ll manage all of that for you?

Regier: Too bulky, much rather roll my own

Szychowski: Your time to spend i suppose.

Muegge: Anyways thx for the talk gonna make this now

Pipkin: Hey guys , anyone knows of a resource that can tell me what sources files js/css are not used by my website and they are just sitting there making my load time higher

Mcburnie: Does jquery automatically unbind event handlers when the element is removed?

Coulter: I need to read the first X bytes of an HTTP response

Danniels: I don not want the client to download more than X bytes of the response