Hey, so I finally have this.

Ihm: Which is not a selector

Ihm: It’s not performing a dom lookup

Ihm: You got something else going on then

Ihm: Are you sure the cl*** is correct?

Ihm: And console.log$’table’.length and make sure it is 0

Leistiko: Window.alert$’table’.length is faster :

Ihm: Then you have no table’s existing when that runs

Dauer: Make sure your jquery is called at the bottom of the do***ent, or in a do***ent.readyfunction{}

Kozinski: Oh . do i need to put it at the bottom of my page ?

Hybarger: Oh I see. Thank you! :

Negreta: That works perfect! Thanks

Hartung: Hi all how to validate when user register a “user” not accept spaces ?

Hartung: I am reading: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2942325/jquery-form-validate-not-allow-space-for-username-field

Szychowski: So you wnat to prevent spaces in a field? http://stackoverflow.com/a/2942542

Goldberger: Don’t make a nospace rule, make a onlythesechars rule instead

Hartung: Szychowski thanks worked

Szychowski: Hartung the answer was on the page you linked.

Goldberger: Ends up with a nospace rule a no dash rule a nosymbol rule

Szychowski: Heh, depends on what you want to allow i guess.

Szychowski: I tend to be pretty flexible about that kind of stuff.

Goldberger: Right, shouldnt matter but if there’s already a nospace rule there might be other nos

Goldberger: Not like somebody is going to use user names for lookups

Lajoy: How would i iterate through each element of a cl*** on my page and check if it has a certain cl*** in order to do something

Szychowski: I’d use .filter against the set and then .each

Smittle: Can i do something like $.each’footer i’, function { .

Salvant: Whats different than what i did

Desimoni: How woudli just get every footer i then

Ihm: I’s are nested inside footer?

Ihm: And i’m ***uming footer is a cl***?

Dolle: I only want to select the i’s in footer

Bridges: No its the html5 elemtn

Eskra: So just appending filter puts them in an array by itself?

Ihm: I mean, that already has only the i’s in the footer, nothing really to filter

Ihm: Unless you got some other logic

Hasting: I just want to iterate through all footer i’s

Dubiansky: Ahh i was missing the beginnign ok thank you

Carbine: Do i need to p*** item into the function or can i just use this

Ihm: If you p*** it in it would be the second argument

Mallery: Ok sweet, this is working for me. thanks again!

Ihm: What are you doing, if i might ask?

Goldberger: Your look for elements with a cl*** and check if they have another cl***?

Goldberger: Why not just look for the other cl***?

Szychowski: I’m ready for today to be over.

Ihm: You don’t like how all the crazy stuff happens on friday?

Szychowski: We actually don’t have that problem here.

Ihm: Hah, i just remembered the bear you guys had. *and googled for a build.com ad*

Ihm: The one vid with the bear in the bubble bath has one guy responding, “so what does the bear add to the message?”

Ihm: Someone failed their humor check

Vanderwerff: Ok, wtf. vim shouldn’t take 25 seconds to start on my laptop

Sankoff: Is there a better way to add a very long array to an existing form instead of doing a .append loop with a name of “foo”?

Callen: Hey, so I finally have this working in Chrome/FireFox.but in Safari 9/9.1 on lines 65-75 when the slide is supposed to advance to the next one and remove the cl*** active-slide from the current one and add it to the next one, that does not work in Safari 9/9.1