It says the initator is.

Olson: Https://

Covarruvia: Is there any reason for that?

Exel: Weirdly it works in Safari Technology Preview.

Merida: When it goes to the next slide I see advancing to next video logged twice.

Catus: Hi did anyone have an answer? I lost connection

Benskin: I need to talk to an expert

Kroetz: Hold on lemme test something first

Oyer: Okay here’s my question

Angviano: Unless I call pushState, will history.state be null?

Guitard: Sorry what I mean is, what is the default state onload for history.state?

Hopkinson: I mean after going over this I think I can solve this now

Folks: Thx everyone rubberducky debugging ftw

Laesser: Pingu8 I thought get0 prevented that

Tryon: HowardwLo: you can preventDefault on the click and essentially defer it until you see fit

Tryon: Though that doesn’t sound like a great idea as you might make the pages seem slow if the server requests are slow, but just mentioning

Benitone: Tryon: can you help me? I’m trying to run the simplest example that exists to change a div with a form’s result.,output

Tryon: HowardwLo: perhaps it would be better to save the destination to local storage or somethign else that survives page changes and then make the request, if applicable, on the next page load. unless of course you’re navigating off site, but that might cut down on perceived load times

Whittall: Tryon: thank you, better than nothing!

Tryon: Djx: sorry just had a chance

Tryon: So, it seems like the scenario is that you’re binding to an element that doesn’t yet exist on the page when the event is bound

Tryon: Djx: since the script is in the header and not waiting until the page is ready it immediatelly tries to bind to #contactForm which doesn’t yet exist until it p****s the body

Tryon: One solution is either moving that script to be before /body recommended or wrapping your existing script in $do***ent.readyfunciton{ /* bindings and such */ }; also recommended

Hagedorn: Tryon: so it matters the script locations?

Tryon: In this specific instance, yes. This will bite you again :

Mongrain: Tryon: oh thank you so much, let me try it

Tryon: Djx: no problem. And I typoed function so just be careful on the copy pasta there

Kimes: Tryon: thank you so much, it worked. 😀

Letman: Any idea why I get kewaxivalo:210 Uncaught TypeError: is not a function here:

Kabigting: If i put my mouse over elements on certain webpages the element will do some various animation. if i get the id from that element and trigger mouseover the same animation doesn’t occur. why is that?

Tryon: Jagst3r15: guessing that index 0 is the container div and not the video element

Tryon: As they share the cl***

Tryon: 210 — click on kewaxivalo:210 to see a preview in browser

Tryon: Oh of the element itself? 39

Britz: Tryon main-video or case-video

Tryon: Jagst3r15: the main-video cl*** is shared between the container div element of the video element you’re likely looking for

Herbin: I had main-video twice.crap

Tryon: May want to use an ID or I guess could make sure you get the correct element with the selector video.main-video

Tryon: Or $’.main-video’.find’video’ but with the re-use might not get you too far dynamically

Niebyl: Tryon ok this works in the jsbin, but on my local site when you click on a few false li items the question-video just loads forever

Supino: And in the Network tab it says the resource is pending

Tryon: I mean based on the network observation you shoudl check to make sure the requested resource is accessible

Vixay: It says the initator is; in the } else if jQuerythis.hasCl***’false’ {