Hey i want to bind a click.

Vandermolen: Without it im getting undefined, what should i replace it with?

Lohrmann: Then your selector is wrong

Wentzell: And .size is deprecated since jquery 1.8

Cordasco: Uhkis: but the selector returns exactly what i would expect, its the #shopAllLinks one

Starkey: Uhkis: how can the selector be wrong?

Pillette: Never tried that horseman, but you should probably have something like var jqueryable = $datain; and do .find in that

Halfmann: Is the $selector the right jquery object? or jquery object at all

Hernanez: Hi, anyone got a idea for this If have a list with in it items as follows: Itemcode:234 Description:test. These are wrapped between div and a. If i click this item then it will execute a function, this must split the ItemCode and Description, but the problem is I dont want to split on ¨:¨ because an description can also contain a :. Anyone any idea? code example: http://codepaste.net/rhgfze

Butkovich: Skywater: find first space indexOf and then use the substring function?

Aulbach: Hi, I’ve got a bunch of draggable element on my page, I want to save their position/size after the user does its interaction, I use the dragstop event to call a php page that save them in a json file, that works well, now how would I read this json file to display the user created page ? thx

Hierro: Maybe I should save the entire div html in the ajax call and display it ‘as is’ when reading . more simple ?

Apalategui: I need help about datepicker

Yaeger: You better ask away, but it’s not very crowdy I’m afraid

Edmons: Https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/w19xmbbq/1/ hey i have this. I try to select datepicker title i can do that with $’.ui-datepicker-title’ but what i want is to select datepicker title with $’.from’ because i have more then one datepicker. And i have to do seperate things with each title i am binding event. How can i select datepicker-title seperately for ‘.from’ and ‘.to’ Here is my origina

Mclaney: Hellyeah: this : https://api.jquery.com/attribute-equals-selector/

Town: I have a url http://localhost/demo/wp/p/71/some-post which can also be http://localhost/demo/wp/p/71/some-post?someString or http://localhost/demo/wp/p/71/some-post#string, how do i take out 71 from the url?

Hongisto: Verfaille, wouldn’t that take our all the numbers?

Lafay: In an array yes so the first match would be 0

Deviva: Sagar: wait that only picks the first i think

Croxen: Not the exec regex you gave right?

Kenley: I tend to get a bit confued with all the regex dialect out there but you should have to add a g somewhere to make it get more than 1 match

Abeles: Sagar: https://jsfiddle.net/eLhjg86p/

Fuls: Verfaille which array number should it be?

Palazzo: 0 if allways the first

Yokoyama: So if you now there is no numbers before it should be 0

Swainston: In the fiddle example i added the 1 before just to get some mote numbers

Bacha: Can u make a full example for me to take 71 out?

Ettel: Sagar: https://jsfiddle.net/eLhjg86p/3/

Pariente: This only works if you know 71 is the first number in the string

Nanney: Else you have to play around with the regex a bit to se what works for you

Villatoro: So why again use a regex?

Stohr: AdamPDotty: if the place of the number never shifts there is no real reson if it dies then you need to

Potolsky: Everything dies, baby, that’s a fact

Norenberg: There was nothing in the question to indicate a possible position shift.

Swedlund: Krpt: sorry i was away i check url you gave

Lavene: This is not exactly what i am looking for

Kalbaugh: AdamPDotty: if the place of the number never shifts there is no real reson if it dies then you need to

Ardeneaux: Hey i want to bind a click event to ui-datepicker-title but no luck. Can you help me to figure out what it happened like that? https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/w19xmbbq/3/