Html returns a string, not.

Maass: Like I have this now: “.cl_pait_url_map_table”.find”td”.eachfunctioni{

Ansell: But I only want to look at the td values in the second column

Abshier: I mean column, not row

Champagne: I need help with finding current index number when parsing through JSON object which I have built as an array.using for in function to iterate and check for the matching value within the object but I also need to know the index number. index keeps telling me that it is not a function which is weird.

Singler: Doesn’t the .each function take a callback with both index and element as parameters?

Steinhardt: Could anyone please let me know why on earth the rule “****Sake” is reporting all the time “TypeError: a.validator.methodsd is undefined” on this script

Johann: However the other rule isEmailValid works well.

Netto: Oh god, just realised that it could be any rubbish around

Mole: No a single ****ing clue

Hons: Http:// i don’t get why this isn’t working.

Tanzman: Mariacheline you have $’form’ but there is no form in your html

Pezley: First put a form tag around inputs to make it a actual form

Burruss: You can also just do a click event on the submit button isntead

Wilkerson: Then in the .find specify the exact object for the input, ie .find’#field’;

Schnoke: Hi there, I’m getting this error jquery-1.9.1.js:8526 GET 500 Internal Server Error on $”.updateInfo”.load”index.php .refresh”;. It did work always but just now without updating anything it gives an error. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Varanda: It should just refresh a div

Gibler: Is jquery dependent on starting it from a server? Or can I start it from localhost too?

Sjaarda: And in case, what parts dosnt work then?

Tedder: I think I got it:

Loria: Hello, with console.debugbtn I get a data-vacid=”8″ onclick=”Eliminarthis;”, I tried’vacid’ but I don’t get the number 8, how can I solve this? I want a a tag without href and use onclick event

Markway: Okay so I am having an issue getting my encodeURIComponent to add to this string

Wiltrout: Http://

Bohmker: Should this not work for the multiple elements the selector finds? It seems to only be triggering on the first one:

Debey: It’s definitely returning both of my two elements, yet my breakpoint in the click function only triggers for the first one

Shastri: Ive got an issue with datatables not sorting a numeric column correctly. it doesnt seem like its sorting it at all actually, any ideas?

Triolo: Its starting saying 10, 11, 12, etc

Provines: If I wanted to delay a css change could I do $divID.delay800.css”display”,”none”;

Gangler: No, delay is for animations and things like that

Reitsma: Nexace_: you can just wrap w/ setTimeout

Reitsma: Eg: setTimeoutfunction { $divID.css”display”,”none” }, 2000

Pinkham: Anybody here used to work with Strophe.js

Muscarello: I have a string looking like this a href=”foobar”foo/a being returned by a jquery selector, how can i just pull the href?

Matley: I tried .attr’href’ but i am getting an error

Shouse: Shesmu: what’s the error?

Kubiak: Uhkis: unhandled rejection. I am running the jquery through a sperate plugin but i have access to all jquery functions

Stoyanov: Uhkis: the error boils down to ‘you messed up your pointer’

Ortegon: Can you show the code?

Montierth: Uhkis:

Silvester: Uhkis: if i dont use .attr everything is fine but putting that on causes the problems.

Ackison: That html in there causes the problem

Liuzza: Html returns a string, not a jquery object