Taplar: you are.

Vasil: Were you not doing that in your other fiddle?

Arking: I mea in other fiddle i just did that form “.from”

Roling: You were clicking the title area to make the months and years dialog show up

Eberst: At this time i have more than one datepicker

Gawlas: Taplar: right but my purpose is kinda different here

Schimke: I can have more then one datepicker like .from and .to

Soibelman: But your asking how to bind a click to something, which you seem to have done before

Victory: So what are you really asking

Overocker: Taplar: line 6-8 works

Lanctot: Those lines don’t exist in this fiddle

Kniesel: I updated i dont understand i think jsfiddle has some serious issues

Kriegshauser: Taplar: https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/w19xmbbq/5/

Ingleton: I select input box with different way

Bellah: I need to reach ui-datepicker-title

Harder: Doesn’t explain why your selecting on an attribute instead of just using the cl***

Dort: Not answering my question

Jacquelin: I saw your question afdter typing 😀

Addison: I have two input box .from and .to

Morse: Both has datepicker-title i want to bind an event to both

Coury: Still not answering my question, :

Dollings: Those will do seperate things

Scripture: Your selecting the same element

Lech: So i need to select datepicker-title seperately

Golabek: Just now your selecting it inefficently

Guynes: And even if you can add another cl***

Littrel: Also if you right click on the input and inspect it, you’ll see that the datepicker is not nested. it is a sibling

Nist: And if you add another datepicker and initialize it, there is still only one datepicker element

Viall: It reuses it for all the datepickers most likely

Studier: Which makes sense. only one of those bad boys should be visible at any given time

Goodloe: Taplar: https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/w19xmbbq/6/

Keatts: Inspect your element dude

Karpel: I undyeah i know ui-datepicker-title is not nested,

Figures: Find is not useful here

Schabert: But i need to seperate those with some ways

Rhondes: Can I comnine multiple .empty’s ?

Sauce: Your not going to get two of those using the plugin

Sanchez: You mean empty multiple elements?

Opstein: How can I clean this up?

Wojtowich: Just empty root element

Lardin: Or $selector1.addjQuery object.empty

Milder: It will clean up all childs

Orizabal: Maybe he doesn’t want to remove that much

Tofanelli: This is what I want to refactor

Vietti: Detach method can be used instead of empty ?

Burklow: Https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/wKxxhBlH/

Feyler: Sure, but unless you want to keep the stuff it doesn’t matter

Tally: Sorry those are appends

Agoras: Taplar: i need to ***ign different thing to different datepicker-title so you said it is not meaning

Balock: There is only one datepicker

Hysquierdo: You can keep stuff in variable with detach method for later use

Pachero: I think between remove, empty or detach, most usable method is detach

Vanzant: Okay ill read about that then

Kosanke: I wouldn’t agree really

Northup: They’re all pretty equal, just different use cases

Cicora: I mean i make a call like this: $”.all”.detach;

Oberley: Taplar: you are master