Guess you could always.

Leonardi: Szychowski, doing it this controlled way has solved a lot of variable bugs where one thing loads before the other, and just keeps a good structure.

Blenker: Fiord, decx: oook here is a performance problem with it, it modifies every dom element it ever checks

Merlin: Once when it walks the tree and one when it removes the trace again

Lamotte: Anyways thx for advice guys, I switched it out to the .load which is understandable now and it works perfectly, it also feels faster

Halbershtam: So ya. not a lovely idea

Pomiecko: Cork, good to know, thank you

Bonker: It also is a heavy user of .is

Vendrick: And .is isn’t very performant

Majuste: Oh and as for require.js I believe what i’m using right now is based on require.js

Mallon: Let me just double check that hold on

Halseth: As it finds all elements matching the selector and checks if the target is one of them

Chisley: So lots of dom selections

Goldberger: Didnt you believe me when i wrote it’s ****

Moccio: Actually maybe not lol

Maiolo: Whilenext.length != 0 { — this actually scares me too

Pomiecko: Well I guess I’ll take it off my list of plugins to try out then

Delpapa: If for any reason length skiped zero that will be an infinite loop

Eger: Yeah nowhere even near.

Strausz: It’s probably based on a function that “acts” like require

Garbin: But around 6 months ago I started working with $.getScript and the function I started with was really big & said like require{} or whatever and I downsized it to something simple.

Pomiecko: I think my problem in the past was not using a filter with .nextAll to be quite honest

Rueger: Require.js however looks very big & all inclusive of everything, my project doesn’t require that lol require okay anyways again thx guys 😀

Eyman: Fiord: ya, using .next with a filter and .nextAll without is two quite common mistakes

Pomiecko: Cork, thanks for clearing that up, I’m gonna test it out on one of my use cases right now

Rickabaugh: I’ve seen countless ppl having $’.sibling’.val and wondering why they get null

Hiemstra: When the code looked like inputbrinput cl***=”sibling”

Goldberger: At least it ignores nodes

Fawver: Cause it doesn’t exclude normal nodes :

Wolnik: But ya. heh that reminds me of the horror from old ie

Kaewprasert: Where html comments was still part of the dom tree

Lanie: Or even better where a parent could be the child of its children

Hilscher: Try walking that dom tree :

Szychowski: Stoked city right now.

Szychowski: Http://www.fmic*** i’m probably buying one of these in the next hour or so.

Szychowski: I’ve wanted one for a while now.

Dereu: What the heck is that?

Loyack: Wonderd if it was a computer case at first XD

Goldberger: Talking bout blues, i was browsing youtube and found this kick*** track by muddy waters and wonder if i could actually get my hands on that recording

Goldberger: Anyone know how one could go about that

Szychowski: Any particular version or just the studio one?

Goldberger: With a ridiculious blues harp player

Szychowski: I could maybe tell you who it was :

Goldberger: Https://

Angviano: Decx MUDDY WATERS 1966 Got My Mojo Working – length 4m 32s – 654 likes, 7 dislikes 98.9% – 113,733 views – Blues Harp on 2012.10.20

Goldberger: I checked a few version to download but the studio or other live versions arent even close to this one

Zaidi: Guess you could always download the youtube sound track