Fiord: even if you can’t.

Chirico: JavaLover: what you could bind event handlers for when things in the page loads there content

Ghekiere: Because right now it relies on an internal page, and i’d like it to rely on the overall loader.

Goldberger: Fiord: this nextindom plugin is terrible

Keeny: But onload and ready won’t help you

Szychowski: JavaLover you’re really making this hard on yourself. abstract out to a function. call said function.

Claiborne: But robert I would call that function after .load?

Brodnex: You could fire a fake event if you prefer that solution

Szychowski: You would call it whenever you need to.

Szychowski: Why not just call the function directly?

Heuman: Right .load’page’,function{//load map here};

Kohlmyer: Okay good we agree then

Metchikoff: I didn’t know that would work, I thought maybe it wouldn’t finish loading or something

Szychowski: No need to declare an anonymous function there.

Szychowski: That’s the callback for the load method.

Szychowski: The docs can tell you more.

Gazda: The reason i’ve had problems is I have been using .getScript previously and that thing never finishes

Morano: So i’m like scared now of the .load finishing

Daya: JavaLover: getScript has problem cause they can’t use the script events cause of old ie

Salvucci: JavaLover: .load is pure xhr so doesn’t have that problem

Kohner: Well actually, depending on where you get the script from it uses xhr too + eval

Szychowski: You keep using the word “organized”.

Bierley: Is there anyway I can avoid .getScript or would I have to rely on tags?

Szychowski: Are you trying to load script files on an on demand basis?

Iafrate: JavaLover: i would load the dependencies statically

Tomkus: And just call the functions when you need them

Szychowski: Otherwise, look into requirejs.

Dejong: That is by FAR the best way to organize pages

Equihua: I can agree with that but.

Szychowski: Cork’s got a great suggestion.

Kretschmer: I basically have 2 scripts so far, one is my page navigation history.pushState stuff and the other is google maps

Geoffrion: And a must if you actually want to ever use csp

Saltarelli: Was what cause me to majorly restucture how i wrote pages

Skees: And i could never go back to the old dynamic js

Pomiecko: Cork, genuine question re: that plugin I’m here to learn – are there performance issues ***ociated with searching the DOM that way?

Szychowski: Though this warrants the question: you have 2 js files so far.

Szychowski: Do you really need a solution like require?

Ojito: I mean.I just want to see how it all works when i’m going over it

Sachse: And make sure like “this is your js load” “this is your page load”

Mcneeley: Fiord: my biggest problem with it was that it is a lazy solution cause you don’t want to learn to think about the dom in the correct way

Mattix: Fiord: and yes as the dom isn’t built to be searched like that it is inefficient

Lasso: That said, i didn’t check the code

Goldberger: You can just traverse yourself instead of using an overbearing plugin that rewraps stuff a thousand times

Mankiewicz: Szychowski, also just for control in general of like “don’t load that page until js is finished loading”

Pomiecko: Fair enough, and in the past I have used .nextAll like you suggested in the past when I had control over the markup structure

Goldberger: Cork: just a whole lotta parent children next last and stuff

Solly: Fiord: .closest, .find and .nextAll really can solve any problem

Groening: Fiord: even if you can’t change the structure