And in client, give the.

Goldberger: Yeah i got that already

Szychowski: You’ll have a hard time finding this particular one for sale somewhere i reckon.

Szychowski: But if you like this, check out more James Cotton and Charlie Musselwhite

Goldberger: The energy and drive is ridiculous for 66

Szychowski: This is actually not uncommon for the era.

Szychowski: Hell, that they’re sitting down is pretty surprising.

Goldberger: Well i know nothing about blues

Goldberger: Literally stumbled over this video

Szychowski: Hah, this is a fantastic introduction.

Szychowski: Muddy is a great place to start.

Szychowski: This is a great performance. really awesome chicago style sound.

Pomiecko: Cork, just wanted to say thanks again : I learned something pretty valuable today from you tearing that plugin apart

Pomiecko: Successfully wrote a function using .parents, .nextall, and .children for my purposes

Pomiecko: You too decx – thanks

Mcmain: Fiord: note though that most of the time when you use parents closest is what you want

Pomiecko: Cork, Ok I’ll try working with that instaed

Hoskins: Parents is only of interest when you want all the parents matching a selector

Raring: That does happen, but not very often

Pomiecko: Stuff like this reaffirms my decision to start coming back on discussion after many years away

Blight: This is same old rant i say day long

Szychowski: I must miss it most days then ;

Amstein: Though it is usually day long cest time :

Rutgers: I usually stop 4h ago

Mitchel: Hello. Is there a way to cycle through a set of set of elements like $”#some_div .element” and toggle them one by one with a pause between each toggle?

Lies: Vlt: an async loop would solve that quite east

Szychowski: Http://

Szychowski: Or some kind of recursive setup if it needs to just always run.

Hartung: Man can you try help me:

Hartung: Any point of start pls

Szychowski: So what are you trying to accomplish?

Szychowski: That’s. not what i mean.

Szychowski: Dude – what is your question?

Malinky: Like a mahogany door?

Hartung: Http:// — i try overlay this 2 images and not work see the fiddle please

Goldberger: Like a shirt generator

Goldberger: It’s not something you whip out in a few lines

Szychowski: You mean you want to show/hide an image based on mouseenter and mouseleaf?

Goldberger: These things take a lot of work

Hartung: I want show images, and user choose. and i am creating a new image. with the final result.

Szychowski: With all the different options?

Hartung: First step, choose the door type, second: choose: gl***type, step 3, choose the colour.

Hartung: Step 4 choose lock builder.

Goldberger: Yeah that’s like 100h of work

Hartung: Not exist something for learn.

Szychowski: Heh – trust me. i know that industry and home improvement ecommerce quite well.

Goldberger: You send a door configuration to your server or do you just want to create an image

Goldberger: If you just have the config then you can hack something together with draggable

Goldberger: Send that to your server

Hartung: Send configuration to serverfor store on a database

Szychowski: Getting something like that created that’ll be user friendly is going to be harder than you expect :

Hartung: And in client, give the configuration with images