First food befor I.

Marta: Robhol wrap the elements in span tags and set the background color to black and the font color to black.

Rentoulis: It’s not my HTML, making it a bit more complicated ;

Alliman: That’s not really making it more complicated.

Cambria: Hi – i was working on a script to add email addresses to a form:

Stoebner: I take that to mean there’s no “shortcut” though. Should I go dig up my recursive contents snippet then? :p

Organek: NoiseEee: I know but I try to find the right tools which show me

Schmuhl: It’s really a big trouble when p****JSON doesn’t p**** the js objects without quote on keys.

Prescott: And it seems “” is required to quote all strings.

Hungerford: I mean, My understanding

Ridenour: IIRC, the JSON is just javascript object simplified.

Dus: JSON and JavaScript are not the same thing

Commins: Just js without if else etc.

Mukhtar: Thanks for the correction.

Marbury: JSON requires quotes around keys.

Drews: YamakasY: give this a read, it will explain the tools available to you.

Filarecki: JSON is inspired by javascript, but has some strict rules around formatting that javascript doesn’t have.

Ballagas: NoiseEee: oh already see a message that there is an error on the page, so JS is not loaded OK

Nogueras: NoiseEee: yes used it in the past but this is native code we use but I’m doing something wrong on code I include which is very good written ;

Abramov: So I try to find MY fault 😀

Schatz: If i’m running a function ram, and it gets called several times in a second, is there a way to get ram to kill all other ram processes?

Morck: So that only the final process remains?

Tienken: There’s no “process” to kill.

Leven: There’s only a single thread. is it an ajax call?

Morale: It is not an ajax call.

Losada: Then what is there to “kill”

Ballew: I guess i can spoof and ajax call!

Tritten: Slow your roll there – your question makes no sense.

Floore: You’re pretty smart, robertmaxrees

Klebanoff: Function calls are synchronous

Helt: So there’s nothing to “call”

Turman: But i think sending an ajax call will work

Showes: You’re making some ***umptions here.

Sham: Let’s clean this up :

Newbound: Iateadonut so first off:

Jufer: Your .delay call was strange and unnecessary.

Millora: Are you trying to only show one suggestion at a time, iateadonut?

Mcthige: I was hoping to delay it so further processes would keep killing old processes.

Bourbois: There’s only one “process” going on here.

Lenoci: Sorry that i’m using incorrect terminology; i’m certainly open to correction

Baba: Javascript is not multi-threaded, so that doesn’t make any sense.

Ashenfelter: Do you mean you only want one suggestion to appear at a time?

Mulkerin: I’d like it to delay .5 seconds or so to see if the person will add, for example, an ‘m’ after typing ‘.co’

Ledwig: So as somebody with a lot of experience, 2 things about that – 1. you think you want a throttle. 2. – you’re ***uming people type at a certain speed.

Oerther: Don’t do either of those.

Narlock: So what is your suggestion?

Bartosiewicz: Check for the email when the user has finished typing?

Oguin: Https://

Goheen: Ok it seems that some variable in some function is not defined

Basket: First food befor I die