One minor “bug” I’ve found.

Kreh: I’m using mysql as the database

Ringeisen: And what version of WB?

Terhaar: Any performance_schema experts around?

Chananie: Asterismo: do you get some sort of error message?

Stecher: Wrong username or p***word

Bronn: But i’m sure i’m not getting the connection with the db

Tecson: I’m following this tutorial:

Wolfley: Snoyes: 6.3, when you get the create table statement of a table

Kretzschmar: Thank you very much snoyes. Works perfectly!

Shebby: Completed tinyint1 NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’,

Floren: Asterismo: and what step of that tutorial are you on?

Maysonet: Bear: when you right click the table name, and do Send to SQL Editor?

Platko: Pointing my browser to http://localhost/mailadmin/

Misek: Snoyes: i changed the p***word of the database in the sql script

Kitchens: But i’m afraid there is some issue with the database user maybe

Delorenzo: Asterismo: the only mysql-relevant part of that tutorial is step 2. Everything else is a question for Postfix.

Ganesh: Bear: mine doesn’t do that, it shows b’0′. Can you put a screenshot someplace? If it shows just ‘0’ for a bit field, that’s a bug.

Marton: Snoyes: will do later – just logged off, but I can reproduce it every time

Shipp: Is it possible to access the generated auto increment id during an insert, i want to use it in another column also

Cecil: Guess a trigger should work then

Deible: A before trigger doesn’t have access to it, and an after trigger is too late to change the column.

Schlueter: Your choice are either generate your own sequence instead of relying on auto_increment, or update the table afterward rather than populating the second column in the same statement.

Josefy: Right. an insert and update with last_insert_id wrappen in a transaction then

Gauntt: Can anyone help me figure out why mysql is sitting at 66.7% in top constantly?

Ribas: Morissette: Most of the memory in the running instance is being used by the InnoDB buffer pool, which you have set to 2G. This is a good thing.

Howen: Ribas, so not something I should worry about?

Cliffe: Or should I look into increasing RAM?

Nienaber: Had a warning of memusage in monitoring for 88.9% usage

Lungsford: Mem usage not sql memory

Ribas: Morissette: You may want to change the memory allocated to MySQL if you are running other services like http or mail services on the same machine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be concerned

Bausch: There is http but that is all

Dutra: Hey all. im looking to count the occurrences of a word we’ll say ‘foo’ in a field in a mysql table.

Stollings: LENGTHcommands.output -LENGTHREPLACEcommands.output ,”foo”,” AS ‘Occurances’

Yasin: Can someone please help me out with the Vasko? thanks.

Messerli: Nvm. i got it. needed CHAR_LENGTH

Falkowski: One more try, anyone around who likes to play with performance_schema?

Dammann: SuperQ: do you have some specific question, or do you just want to chat about it?

Gallego: SuperQ: You don’t have to ask to ask, or state: “I have a question”, Don’t ask: “Is anyone around?” or “Can anyone help?”. Just Ask The Question. Also, please read:

Dedmon: Any idea to optimize this query ?

Ben: Kolbe: Yes, it’s moderately advanced.

Lapointe: I’m working on instrumenting about 150 mysql servers, gathering metrics from performance_schema.events_statements_summary_by_digest.

Trump: One minor “bug” I’ve found is that events that start with a BEGIN end up being rolled up, even if they’re different transactions