Does jQuery get along well.

Scotting: Yea, but the client wants it, so I at least got him to a/b test it before he just threw it on there.

Elerson: Vadasy: so is the best thing to do just re-write the form?

Crooke: Is there any difference between: jQuery.readyfunction {} and jQuerydo***ent.readyfunction {}

Vadasy: Ceramicskull i’d say.

Vadasy: JQuery.ready isn’t a thing iirc.

Vadasy: Yeah, that wouldn’t work the same way. you need either jQueryfunction {} or $do***ent.readyfunction {};

Dircks: How can I figure out what the minimum required version of jQuery is for a plug I’ve written? Obviously I could just say v2.1 but for all I know it might work with 1.1

Woodfolk: Test it, or read the changelog

Poplar: Thought there might be a version scanner out there, like there are for some libraries and tools. Supply source, tool sees $.on used, it says you need at least 1.7. Maybe point out you’re using a deprecated function.

Bartosz: Https://

Veer: Could anyone please tell me why this does not work?

Crossin: There was a missing ; at the end of the line!

Madrigal: What are the advantages of canceling an ajax request via setting the timeout value?

Bartunek: I’m not sure if it matters if my timeout is 30 seconds vs 60 seconds. I don’t know what I gain if I use 30 seconds

Kresge: Btw, am I right that when Javascript is done with calling the jsonp callback function, it deletes it?

Mullice: Is tehre a way with draggable to make a target div appear?

Muscolino: Like a box with dashed lines around it

Brogglin: So you can visually see where the box will drop

Locey: Is this written correctly

Patwell: Looks fine. whether the path is correct, or the selector, or the html, or the file, or whatever else, is another story

Cushen: Arc_: hmm okay thanks :

Kolbo: Is tehre a way with draggable to make a target div appear?

Hernanders: Like a box with dashed lines around it

Scalley: So you can visually see where the box will drop

Bizcassa: Kind of like sortable does

Lambrecht: Can i put regular javascript inside a .coffee file?

Osterfeld: Although its not recommended

Osterfeld: Just google js2coffee and conver tit

Pascoe: Why not able to select the closest div ?

Pollan: Http://

Santacroce: It is giving always the button I clicked on

Rehmer: Not the closest div Which I am looking for

Wee: Arup_r what do you want the result to be?

Wireman: Guessx: Actully I want when I will click on the select all button, all the checkboxed inside the div.container to be selected. But that is not just happening. so I was debugging. and reach there.

Maxcy: It seems all are messed up.

Kiflezghie: In my browser console if I do $’.perm-checkbox’.prop”checked”, true; it is checking out all the checkboxes, but when inside the click event I am putting it. nothing is happening.

Battiato: There will be lots of such check boxes per div.container . that’s why I want to check through boxes which are closest to the clicked button

Croner: Arup_r: for some reason it wouldnt let me do it the way i wanted, so i changed it to this:

Muskett: Arup_r: didnt really read the above, but with jsfiddle you hadnt made it load jquery:

Boera: Guessx: I loaded it later . and it works but not the same code in my app

Kjeldgaard: Guessx: trying your one

Alcorta: The click is not happening .or binding there to the selectall button

Barvick: Does jQuery get along well with react?