Awc737, you need to start.

Nasalroad: Definity, it’s not in the ***ets folder

Wernert: Why isn’t loadTiles.js inside?

Nasalroad: Definity, it’s in the root folder

Cardinali: Thts where css and js and images folders are

Wernert: Definity: so why is your src=”***ets/js/loadTiles.js” if the loadTiles.js is not in the ***ets/js folder?

Nasalroad: If you check the GET, you are trying to load “tiles.hbs/” like a folder

Reise: It is in the js folder

Rulison: Dekok, Wernert: agree that on the route seems best, but isn’t kinda strange that you could potentially use the model in other places other than the route and it doesn’t provide any kind of validation because its all on the route?

Polivick: I was just trying to work out why it wasnt loading so i was moving it around

Skaflen: You cant reuse the model

Wernert: Robo7: that’s why i said what i said. ideally the _database_ should provide validation as well

Deprey: Http:// this it what it looks like now and its still not loading

Nasalroad: Definity, if you check the network view you have a 301 redirect first then it tries to load tiles.hbs/ folder with a 404

Beadnell: Wernert yeah but then things get redundant, and you have to modify in two places

Morlock: Maybe if you could make validation like a module

Louer: Robo7: the model shouldn’t provide validations about data coming from the user, it should provide validations about data that’s internal to the model.

Blackett: Likewise, routes shouldn’t provide validations about data that is internal to the model, they should provide validations about data coming from the user.

Montey: Just keep everything in context, and it should be easier to see what belongs where

Nasalroad: If the 301 is in the browser cache, you need to restart your browser if the redirect is no longer on the server

Wernert: Robo7: as Dekok said, the route should deal with the stupidity of users. the model should only deal with the stupidity of programmers in so much as they can’t be allowed to destroy the whole database

Mitschelen: Robo7: you can write composable validations with something like:

Wernert: Robo7: if the database already provides type validation for example, you don’t need the model layer to do it for you. the database will reject invalid types

Madero: Nasalroad: for some reason it is appending a ‘/’ to the end of the file name making it look like a dir and have no idea why

Nasalroad: Definity, because of the 301

Nieminen: I see, its clear now thanks Wernert Sorella

Wernert: Robo7: s/stupidity/malice/g; this is security here

Janczak: Isn’t tile.hbs inside ghost/content/themes/superpauly?

Osden: Is that the root of your server?

Winesberry: So it’s not /var/www?

Friddle: No that is root of my theme

Mathias: So why is it hitting http://ip/title.hbs/

Livoti: Instead of http://ip/ghost/content/themes/superpauly/tiled.hbs

Hjelm: Thats what im not sure about

Alves: What server are you using?

Rastetter: Ah, it looks like nginx as a reverse proxy for node

Hema: It might be at fault if you got any rewrite rules there

Noriega: Tbh i am using an image with ghost and everything preinstalled so im not sure how it is all set up

Dimmick: I wanted to make it so my pages where a bit more modular but i can work around it

Virts: Who is serving those files though?

Seiavitch: I don’t understand how to not start next file write until last one complete:

Debruin: I get all 600 try to write at once, and Uncaught Error: spawn convert EMFILE

Assaf: Does Falcor requrie a graph database?

Daversa: Awc737, you need to start the next one from the callback of the first