Dimi1947 depends on your.

Scappaticci: Lyze: ya, i’ve done it, it isn’t fun

Hanko: Cork: but how do I do that in an ajax call?

Schau: But there is a an error in console

Guerini: Im figuring out what it is

Maloof: Https://jsfiddle.net/ebm9yayw/5/

Hospelhorn: Hurry: just do a .map or .each on the field_fotograflar

Gochenour: Voodo: function body should be string

Broady: You are using the result of a function you define four lines later

Glymph: Ya, what happens there is that you execute the buttonClick function

Benny: Then grab the return undefined from that

Megan: And tries to convert that to a string and use that as a body for the function and that fails = SyntaxError: malformed formal parameter

Plimpton: You don’t see the error as alert pauses the js engine

Mceady: You shouldn’t use alert for debugging

Burse: Https://jsfiddle.net/ebm9yayw/10/

Induddi: 7 is the correct solution if you need to use new Function

Saltness: You just executing the function

Pierpoint: You could just as well remove the new Function part

Ruhle: P*** the scope + event to the function?

Wey: He wants to create a new function that calls the function

Amuso: Is the same as $.fn.jQueryRun = functionclickEvent { buttonClickclickEvent }

Flegel: JosefDe: why do you need to use new Function?

Gruver: It is normally a REALLY bad idea

Griesi: It is very slow as the p****r can’t optimize them

Hurlbutt: Because normally I don’t know the function name

Ramire: The function name get’s p***ed in as parameter

Beith: JosefDe: could you modify how the function name gets p***ed in?

Morant: Or how the function gets declared

Cadle: I store the function name in “data-action” of my html-elements

Anspach: So they p*** in the function as a string?

Seals: Are the functions globals?

Solle: And if I click on that element I read that data-action-attribute

Richoux: Meaning are they defined in the global name scope?

Kemner: The functions are stored in jQuery.fn

Thurstonson: I still don’t understand what’s wrong about the solution of voodo

Deaguiar: JosefDe: would you say this represents what you need? https://jsfiddle.net/ebm9yayw/11/

Zirker: It sounded like what you asked for

Strollo: JosefDe: https://jsfiddle.net/ebm9yayw/12/

Masterman: Or simply https://jsfiddle.net/ebm9yayw/14/

Bessent: Depending on what you need it for

Mowles: Cork: Perfect! I’m applying it to my project. Thanks a lot guys!

Riippi: Another evil use removed :

Verry: Http://jsfiddle.net/Hurry/8bmhb5zm/1/ — am I even a little close?

Detmer: So with “new Function” it wouldn’t work right?

Spallina: Can you throw a pointer at me?

Pfliger: Hurry: http://jsfiddle.net/8bmhb5zm/2/

Nieman: JosefDe: it would, but would 1. be slow, 2. be more insecure, 3. more complicated then needed

Revier: Thanks man, this I will use :

Hackman: Http://www.appelsiini.net/download/jquery.viewport.js — how would I add a function to expand “inviewport” but also centered on screen?

Dietrick: How do we debug the scenarios, in one case the fancy box delete confirm works as intended, in another case the page just reloads

Winrow: With case I mean, getting to hit that method directly or after some already done call

Kampfer: I want one advice.do you think the search results link of a site.upon clicking.the content should be fetched with AJAX or not?

Lattig: Dimi1947 depends on your layout