I read those too, just.

Tenant: Stuff like Uint8Array.isArray – that’s widely supported already?

Schiffner: Yes, I do check for a long list of specific things. 😛

Drafton: How do I know if an argument is itself an Argument list?

Statton: I know it’s poor practice to p*** those around.

Spuler: Gilgameshkun: what are you actually doing?

Lennon: But what if I’m writing library function?

Straight: Gilgameshkun: https://www.npmjs.com/package/is-arguments

Straight: Gilgameshkun: whatever it is, i likely have a module for it :-p

Malmquist: So what specifically changed in the behavior of Object.prototype.toString?

Straight: Gilgameshkun: it’s now configurable via the symbol property.

Straight: My modules all use it, until the symbol is available, then use a more reliable check.

Schimming: Gilgameshkun I usually check if it has a ‘length’ property and a ‘callee’ property and the ‘length’ property is equal to two more than the Object.getOwnPropertyNamesargs.length

Straight: Schimming: that varies based on strict mode tho, iirc

Stoneburner: Oh, reading this module source.

Schimming: Let me see how you do it then.

Lermond: I recognize duck tests.

Schimming: Well it has to be a duck test

Straight: Gilgameshkun: for arguments in IE 8 and older, that’s the only way

Westall: I like to pretend IE 8 doesn’t exist. XD

Fort: I also pretend IE doesnt exist

Hanners: I don’t go that far. 😛

Nair: I just don’t want to support increasingly super-obsolete browsers.

Schimming: Straight is there a reliable way to test if you are in strict mode?

Straight: Webkit nightly has more es6 than chrome

Khoo: Maybe, but i still just pretend it doesnt exist

Schimming: Or do you need a try/catch block

Hobock: Just because they were the last supported version of IE in Windows XP.

Krejsa: Hi JS experts! Can someone explain if there is something behind the scenes that makes JavaScript any less “blocking” than a traditionally blocking language like PHP, if we compare to PHP code using an event library to provide callbacks?

Straight: Schimming: typeof function { return this; } === ‘undefined’

Busscher: It shipped with Windows 10, prohobo. But I haven’t installed Windows 10 yet.

Picotte: I wont be installing windows 10

Nault: Even though i opted in

On: Now i get the freaking notification every day

Ards: I opted in, also havne’t installed. Waiting for Service Pack 1.

Schimming: Straight: ah very cool, so the value of “this” is not the global context in strict mode

Beaulac: It seems like its a bit too intrusive

Medieros: I want to pirate safely

Demetriou: Funny thing is, my current windows is pirated

Pistole: They still offered me the optin

Oconnor: So i feel like its a honeypot

Schimming: I pirated Windows 10 and it crashes every time

Schimming: Biggest waste of my nonexistent money

Falardeau: Oh, you meant pirate operating systems. 😛

Wipperfurth: I think of pirating.CBZ files.

Straight: They give free windows out like candy anyways, it’s not that hard to get a legal copy

Ruehter: The hell are cbz files

Limbo: Renamed zip files that contain comic book pages.

Epstein: The extension change is supported by comic book reader apps.

Littau: What’s the proper way to remove a view in backbone, say if I wanted to change a view with another? Calling .remove will remove $el too which is no good if it’s got to be used by the next view.

Guedes: I read those too, just didnt click for me