Lodrigue: wow, ‘cover’ is a.

Disotell: You’re thinking about creating a bigger project is always better to write your own code or include small libraries, because that way you’ll decrease the number of lines and also you’ll be able to create the site based on your design rather than building depending on the features Bootstrap gives you

Hogsette: Frivol that worked perfectly!

Schmied: Ok that sounds pretty reasonable Falconi thanks so much for that explanation :

Schmied: Yeah I need to get that project over with asap for now, so I think it’s better to stick to bootstrap for now and then create my own customized gridsystem version for myself

Heglund: Jonthegray: and if you want the menu to unroll when you hover the button brands rather than when you click it, use :hover instead of :focus

Alumbaugh: Push: ~ has been supported for a while. See here for a compatibility table. http://www.quirksmode.org/css/selectors/

Berzunza: Iaj: However, you can download Bootstrap and check its code to see how they do some stuff, that’s a quick way to include features to your own site and also to learn new techniques that you may not have seen yet

Schmied: Falconi: yeah. Actually it’s in use already there. 😀 But it really is bloated for sure.

Schmied: I’ve started to customize the .less files to my needs and get rid of stuff that I won’t use anyway

Elldrege: Thanks for your help 😀

Willis: Is there a way to set one of the nav buttons to active if we are on the site that it points to?

Lodrigue: Bombo, http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/25/

Berquist: I need a img to respect padding when it is overflowed: http://jsfiddle.net/rc0e07oe/

Weidower: I’m thinking I could probably do it by wrapping the image in a container, but I’d like to keep html to the shortest

Rownd: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1071927/how-can-i-force-overflow-hidden-to-not-use-up-my-padding-right-space seems to be substitute padding with a border, or wrap it

Eddins: Varrg: a border: 10px solid transparent; would do the trick

Eddins: Engin: not the right place to ask :

Bessey: Engin, try ##frontend

Hollywood: Eddins, I went with a wrapper cl*** instead. Thanks

Bernotas: Http://i.imgur.com/yU77Eq2.png someone a suggestion how I can make before the tomato div

Bernotas: On the top left a ‘triangle’ so it looks like it overlaps/

Bernotas: Is that where ::before is used for?

War: Brandeland, show us what you want it to look like

Lai: I don’t follow what that triangle would look like

Salb: My h1 has Firstname Lastname. So if max-width is set to some mobile size, I want to modify h1 to Firstname only. I’m pretty sure it is possible.

Lodrigue: Brandeland, so what do you want to do with it? : http://jsfiddle.net/49djj4uu/

Lodrigue: The_dabbler, wrap the lastname to the span, and with mediaquery set up to h1 span {display: none;}

Noriega: Lodrigue: Don’t know why, but it’s still showing both firstname and lastname

Lanzoni: Lodrigue: you can check it online at jenniferkashyap.com

Peteet: Lodrigue: Done! okay!

Scala: Heya guys I’ve got an issue where an image sprite doesn’t show up on mobile phones but works ok on PC :/ any ideas what is going on?

Maus: I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but could anyone help me figure out why at low resolution, the text in first section of my site http://mwozniczak.github.io/ overlaps with the rest of the content?

Scher: I tried fidgeting with height parameters, but so far, nothing concrete

Swagger: Http://mazeaccounting.com.au/ — down the bottom, can you see the vectors? how can i get it to align with the information

Lodrigue: Compact, set up vertical-align: bottom on the icons

Frink: How do i define a page background that sits behind everything else and responds by stretching or shrinking to the page size?

Lodrigue: Frink, http://jsfiddle.net/xgrphsq5/

Frink: Lodrigue: wow, ‘cover’ is a glorious attribute