Could anyone ***ist me with.

Carmickel: Also:

Corin: Use jsfiddle to load jquery.

Riemer: And are you doing a get or a post?

Scozzari: Awesome. just build the body manually.

Mcbryde: So, I think I could probably figure outt he jquery to have elements added to the right list.

Fefer: THat shoudln’t be too difficult.

Sturn: You’ll need to stop the default submit and manually build the post object yourself.

Sperduti: But, when I hit submit, how do I make it so that everything in the right column is submitted in the POST request, and not just the.oh.

Warmuth: And that’st he standard way of doing it?

Lindel: That’s the way that comes to mind that makes the most sense.

Linet: Does this have a name? It seems like a standard widget format.

Souffrant: Sorry cat brought in a rat

Geery: The images will be a set size of 400px

Nykiel: Daz43 then just set that width via your css.

Knauer: Robertmaxrees: Does this widget have a name? I’d like to see some other examples if any

Bustamente: Toothe not that i can think of. search around on google.

Tutaj: You might come up with something.

Horridge: Actually, im absolutely certain i’ve seen this before.

Thivener: I’ve tried setting it in the css but it breaks the centering of the modal, tried setting it dynamically aswel :

Zagorski: Fiddle link again Daz43

Kallenbach: Robertmaxrees: perhaps rather than building out the POST request manually, I could insert into a HIDDEN field.

Devincenzi: Robertmaxrees, just finished integrating the code you helped me with and replacing all the images. Thanks again!

Wisinger: Https://

Harklerode: Toothe i’d prefer building out the body myself.

Buxbaum: Robertmaxrees: Really? isn’t tha tmore work?

Claude: I like having that kind of control.

Bonett: Https:// Daz43

Weintraub: Lol it’s all good mang.

Byrom: Im gonna figure out how to do this and put it on the internet for free.

Meditz: I mean.

Vandygriff: Lots of choices out there.

Dorado: Though usually this isn’t what you want.

Faldyn: The control is confusing and can be hard for end users to understand.

Darter: Robertmaxrees: let me try this

Whisenand: Yeah, i mean Google is great, but the issue is that you have to know exactly what keywords you want

Mankey: Like.i don’t know what this is called.

Veater: I just searched around and found that so post.

Kram: Cuz you used the right keywords :-

Maynor: I think i did too, but i didn’t find that particular post.

Rynn: Javascript move between selects

Youd: I searched “multiple lists widget”

Ackles: You need “javascript” or “jquery” in there usually.

Wibberley: And it’s not a widget necessarily.

Blaser: I’d really suggest rethinking this pattern though.

Hyten: There’s a reason it’s not super common.

Louks: Can anyone hep out:

Ritch: Input type=”text” cl***=”visor” size=14 maxLength=”10″

Nodurft: MaxLength doesn’t work here, anyone knows why

Wacaster: Http:// works fine.

Hnat: Could anyone ***ist me with