You know… I’ll be.

Hallinger: Yes though its not its primary use case – the stuff just uses it as a message bus

Mediano: It makes me want to shoot myself.

Hallinger: Https://

Ornelaz: I wrote a wrapper for unity when compiled as html5/webgl that would call into the js client side socket io library. it uh, was really annoying to deal with, and made me wondered if our server team had actually looked into it at all or if they chose it based on hype

Schlarb: Lol… well, i’ll be honest… i like node.js to an extent… but for the bulk majority of my WS handling? I use C…

Nuzback: It’s the portability that was important to me with the WS server I wrote.

Hallinger: Yeah. i’ll just use WS and **** ’em

Bozich: Portability, along with performance.

Hallinger: If you really need, just throw up a thin node proxy

Vanderzwaag: And node.js kinda worries me.

Daniels: I’ve seen “threaded” examples of node servers… if you want to call it that.

Zukoski: But the main process running on a single core?

Sarks: That does not make me smile. :

Ornelaz: Thats what our server code is like. its really ugly.

Kafer: When you do the math on it?

Barickman: Not much advantage at all with forking everywhere.

Thorndike: In fact, I believe some tests showed that it actually hurt performance.

Ornelaz: But i don’t have control over the server team. i don’t think they do great engineering for the most part

Twardy: At certain points, anyway.

Ornelaz: We only fork 4 times at start up

Ornelaz: I dont think that has much overhead.

Ornelaz: It’s still like. okay so why didn’t we use something with threads?

Suglia: Hehe… It’s a shame the fork’s are even required to begin with.

Kutlu: Well, some devs are obsessed with specific languages due to hype.

Barness: A colleague of mine keeps telling me I’m coding in an obsolete language C

Berlingeri: You could also rewrite any of those computations in C++ without impacting any other code, which is nice

Braisted: And he also insists the world will abolish PHP 100% and that it’s already on a rapid decline.

Tullio: Php is like mcdonalds

Notto: He believes Go-Lang is the way of the future. ;D

Masella: Did you tell him that MUMPS, a language designed for punch cards, is still in-use by more than 40% of the hospitals in the US?

Ornelaz: I’ll be honest i don’t see a huge reason to write in c. you can just compile as c++ and not use the parts you dont like

Minott: Sounds like a disease.

Ornelaz: Which is like, most of it

Ornelaz: But there are definitely benefits to it.

Gearing: Biddlecome: it _is_ like a disease

Franceski: Sportin the ol’ M database.

Gearing: Biddlecome: makes you feel bad, nobody wants it, hard to get rid of, mostly found in hospitals

Santaniello: I’d imagine PHP will die long before C does

Hellgren: Tcsc: the reason C becomes a powerful language is due to the low-level nature of it, not to mention the portability…

Arcia: I can’t see PHP ever dying.

Militello: Especially with the introduction of HHVM to boost its performance with JIT.

Ornelaz: Versus writing c++ with exceptions, rtti, etc off

Pulse: Could anyone ***ist me with

Ornelaz: And not using the parts of the stl that are crap or any of it if you dont want to

Lumbley: You know… I’ll be honest… I can write in Obj. C, C, PHP, Perl, Python, HTML5, JS, Node, Go… Many others… but I’ve NEVER touched c++ ?