Don’t even get me started.

Hallinger: I mean, legally etc, yes, but from a tech point of view too

Puccia: But alas, I live in Texas until I can leave this place, so I think I could do this as a trial rn

Barrientos: Hallinger: that’s true as well. It’s ancient

Hallinger: That link i just sent has texas districts

Delmedico: Biddlecome: Then I shall look into Python and Javascript!

Valverde: I’ve heard TX is doing great from a tech perspective.

Hallinger: With a proper REST API, which is what you want, without scraping

Fabro: Anonola: oh, Austin is a great startup city, but the legal side of it hasn’t adapted

Matthis: Hallinger: what link?

Kohl: Moleboy_ for python check out beautiful soup, and for node check out cherrio

Stellmacher: We can thank Bush and his little pillow talk friend the gov. for that.

Hallinger: Https:// Moleboy_

Cocran: Anonola: Perry, Abbott, and Bush make me sad. Regularly.

Hallinger: Perry was just a corrupt buffoon. abbot is pure evil

Ellerby: And bush is both, plus stupid.

Hallinger: Being able to pull down JSON/XML is going to be about 10,000 times easier than scraping

Whillock: Hallinger: he’s ruined my city already. He went out of his way to ruin my city

Dolbee: Speaking of json and xml… you could use xmlrpc to do some nifty things in a web browser with regards to pulling that data down ;D

Vorhees: If the API’s are there?

Hulitt: I’d use them via JS to just pull what you want/need

Hallinger: They’re not, generally

Hang: And display them live.

Hallinger: Most of them are generated server side

Soderblom: Ahh, so there’s no public API? it’s all downloaded and integrated server-side?

Glynn: Well, xmlrpc with JS can still be handy 😀

Hallinger: Generally yeah. the concept of an API is totally foriegn to most things

Hallinger: sites are increasingly required to provide APIs, but not at the state level

Hallinger: Moleboy_ see also

Heilman: Know what annoys the hell out of me?

Dilger: Hallinger: omg, that’s amazing

Oree: is already implemented in javascript for most browsers.

Granados: But so far, node.js is the only damn language a library is available for

Taub: There are clients for everything out there, from C to ****ing Delphi.

Hallinger: Plenty of WebSocket implementations tho

Renicker: But node.js remains the ONLY language with a server-side library.

Wendzel: See, i wrote a websocket library in C

Hallinger: Mostly because the protocol is a PITA

Backen: I have to determine if there’s WS capability or not in the browser

Osornio: If not? I fall back to polling.

Perrin: But I had to handle said polling manually

Renzi: would have made life so much easier.

Hallinger: See also the emitter libraries, which are redis bridged thigs

Ornelaz: is such a pain in the *** to deal with in any language other than js

Graziosi: I could have sent the SAME data via the SAME code without having to write seperate code to handle the polling

Hallinger: Eg, node – redis – php/C/etc

Ornelaz: Its also has very dissappointing do***entation

Renyer: Redis? ya know… i’m catching slack becuase i’m still using mysql and memcached.

Jestis: Can redis support persistent db?

Serrell: Don’t even get me started on the client aspect of lol ;x