Can you explain that.

Delahoz: Well, I’d like to do it dynamicly it’s a scoreboard, transitioning from one value to another

Ihm: Why? typically dynamic stuff happens when things should conditionally happen or be a certain state. or the things themselves are created dynamically

Ihm: Is there ever a case where it should be lowercase?

Broking: Yeah, they are normally created dynamicaly – but that code sample is the code I spit out for each cell/score. I trigger a score change, so I’ll need a way to change the text

Palo: Lowercase? the syntax wouldn’t matter.

Ihm: And you can’t change your logic that creates them dynamically to put them capitalized already?

Ihm: Maybe i’m misunderstanding you

Ihm: You say you’d like to change ‘lower’

Lavear: The capitalization doesn’t matter – In that demo, “upper” is visual effects, so the grey box will say “lower”, then “ok” post the fx

Xiong: I’d like to change the text of #lower

Ihm: Ok, so wrap it in a span and change the text of the span

Heyser: Oh duh. that’s great.

Schepp: Works excellent. Thanks Ihm. If anyone’s interested, the code along with using jquery queue and dequeue is here:

Ihm: You don’t need the not part

Scandurra: Ah yes, sorry that was old code from before.

Milliner: Hello does anyone use TableSorter?

Harpool: Http://

Armson: Why doesn’t the alert work please?

Ihm: Or just $function{ . };

Goldberger: It’s the universes way to tell you to stop using alert

Ihm: Wait you have a variable up top

Warnken: What’s happening please?

Bodrick: Please help. This thing is making me crazy

Cresswell: I always have issues using $.ready

Bostick: This is what I’m trying to do:

Jamgochian: Specifically:

Ihm: Https:// the logic is fine

Shempert: Can I remove more than one cl*** with .removeCl*** ?

Ihm: According to the docs, yup

Ihm: Http://***/

Covello: Ihm:: Perhaps it’s affected by some other script?

Ihm: You got that included too?

Ihm: So i’m not sure how your console doesn’t show errors then.

Meldahl: But the snippet I posted is jQuery

Falldorf: I’ll go with another answer on the page.

Goldberger: Use the last one that’s the only good one

Ihm: I’m not sure why that statement is there. i don’t see any underscore

Dauer: Ok can someone help me figure out why clicking the X works, but clicking Register as New Technician doesnt? you can see the calls being made in the console

Ihm: Some of your methods are outside of your doc ready. might be the issue

Dauer: Js is loaded last anyway, so shouldnt really be an issue

Dauer: My whole js block is loaded last in symfony

Dauer: Confirmed not the issue

Granberg: The one with no upvotes?

Savitz: How would i write this so it works in ECMA 6?

Ihm: Dauer: so what’s the desired effect when clicking those buttons?

Cordoba: Var page = location.pathname.split’/’.filterpart = part.length.pop.toLowerCase;

Vannuck: Getting an error on =

Ihm: So if i click register as a tech it should call all three functions?

Dauer: Correct, because it has the same cl*** click event delegation

Ihm: Neither have the delegate filter cl***

Dauer: Can you explain that?