Can’t be changed in the.

Ihm: What’s the relation of en to panel-group?

Emberley: Ihm: you dont get the problem I think

Herrold: It fades in and fades out correctly

Tebeau: But the fadeIn happens instantly, even though the fadeOut isnt finished yet

Ugaz: Doc states I can do .fadeIn duration , complete

Ihm: Are there more than one panel groups?

Ihm: So one is already hidden

Suga: Yea im switching between two

Ihm: So it would fire it’s finish immediately

Oveson: So the fadeOut doesnt check for the function to be finished but checks for the visibility of the element?

Pandiani: Helyeah that’s it there isn’t anything in the console. I can’t even see the request in firebug. Refresh and it work.

Ihm: Your selector is on both of them

Ihm: I’m ***uming your really only wanting to fade out the visible one

Coda: JS doesnt guarantee the order if you execute more than one function right?

Ihm: If you don’t already have the visible one selected, maybe: $’.panel-group’.filter’:visible’.fadeOut400,function{$’.en’.fadeIn;};

Westerhof: I just switched the first selector where the fadeOut was attached to

Lukowski: Taplar_brb: good catch, thanks

Brockelmeyer: Ihm: can i ask something?

Combes: I learnt “beef up” quickyl

Cofone: I have to find a way to boost up my development skills

Hally: I guess the way is to get better is focuing on frameworks

Ihm: Frameworks are a part of it, but not all of it

Ihm: Frameworks help standardize your code base so things are similar

Ihm: And they reduce how much logic you have to write yourself

Smack: Now we only need to boost Ihm’s grammar skills

Flansburg: What does “beef up” mean?

Ihm: Developer skills are more code recollection, understanding of concepts, and ability to debug

Ihm: Improve or get stronger

Ihm: Developer skills == logic and problem solving

Maquis: I guess i kinda have that skills

Ruwet: In this case, problem solving doesn’t mean: ask discussion 😀

Rudick: Even though that does get the problem solved sometimes

Reiswig: In my first time i really asked some stupid, basic stuff

Inches: I will be better by the time project comes

Plante: How do I know what kind of event has been fired?

Slicker: E.g. $do***ent.on’keyup change’,’#someElement’,function {

Duclo: In this callback function, how to know if it concerns a change or keyup event ?

Ihm: But if your concerned with which one it is, probably best to break it apart

Huseth: Dont forget to use e parameter in your function

Cacciotti: So, what would be a decent way to store a huge object

Fallick: Ihm: try some imodium

Hickok: Why someone knows which event is firedd

Claudio: Decx: for example saving a js game

Goldberger: I use these helpers:

Ihm: Is Storage local or session?

Ihm: I use something kinda like that with an exists and a remove function

Marier: Uhkis: your message on 16:43:11

Summerill: I’ve been overthinking this quite a bit 😀

Ihm: I don’t have timestamps but i’m ***uming that the imodium comment

Vanalstyne: I guess it was the dont ask discussion comment?

Bourke: Hello : I’d like to know how to change content in a div, without affecting a div inside there. I have a code sample here: I’d like to change the word “lower”

Ihm: Can’t be changed in the source?