If you have a div with.

Ihm: Neither of those two buttons has that cl***

Dauer: Well, the x button does, its bizarre that the other one doesnt, it does in my atom code i just copy and pasted

Doroski: Ihm:: Do you agree with decx

Ihm: I wasn’t paying attention, 😛

Asberry: I don’t know they’re referring to the one with no upvotes.

Lindbo: They say, the last one on the page.

Goldberger: Cant you tell by it being one line with just js insted of 5 wrapped jq objects

Dauer: Ihm, ok, im defining a cl*** section twice in the second button

Dauer: Thats why it kept getting removed

Dauer: Thanks for helping me debug

Pasqualino: Decx:: I’m having an issue yet again

Deroberts: Should I just use window.onscroll?

Kozar: I am not scrolling the div itself.

Ihm: So window or do***ent or body

Ihm: Or something. just not a jQ object

Diers: Im working on this old *** website at work, not really allowed to add new functionality to it but theres an issue its having with jquery-ui dialogs

Vallotton: On chrome it renders fine

Thier: But on firefox and ie it adds like left -3000px so its way off screen

Szychowski: Probably some bad positioning somewhere on the page.

Stahley: Can I watch for window resizing and fire a function if it hits a specific width or smaller?

Szychowski: _TWG_ sure, though I’d make sure you can’t use media queries for it instead.

Szychowski: Make sure you can’t use CSS instead.

Kohen: Szychowski: can you tell me where jquery-ui calculates its abs position from?

Natali: Because its all done inline

Szychowski: Since resize handlers are funky and can perform like butt.

Szychowski: Z1haze i have no idea. i’d have to go through the source.

Szychowski: You don’t have position: relative; set on the body tag, right?

Rubenfield: The think is chrome it works fine

Menzer: Well I’m using bootstrap and I’m setting the height of a div base on what the height two are are that are in the same parent div.

Szychowski: Z1haze that doesn’t really matter heh. chrome isn’t necessarly the most consistent browser in the world ;

Szychowski: _TWG_ are you trying to make them all equal height?

Deadmond: I’m setting the height of the 3rd div based on the window height – div1 – div2.

Szychowski: That seems odd. whyfor?

Szychowski: Any reason you can’t set them all using percentages instead?

Desper: I have a list that expands inside the 3rd div. The only way that I found I could keep the list from expanding outside of the div was to find the height and set it.

Szychowski: And the div itself scrolls i ***ume?

Szychowski: Because you can totally set the height using percentages and then avoid using JS at all.

Ishihara: My other div’s have a lot of other stuff in them so i never could find a good % that worked.

Szychowski: Heh, i’m lost, but OK :

Betthauser: With twitter bootstrap div’s don’t match each other’s height if they are in the same row. I’ve alway been told to use JS to fix that.

Szychowski: I don’t understand what that means, but OK :

Szychowski: Either way, you can attach a resize handler, but you want to be careful because they can fire dozens of times per second, so you want to run your selectors before the handler and throttle/debounce it.

Ihm: Another option with css could be to set their display: table-cell

Stasiak: If you have a div with cl*** row and then two div’s inside it with col-sm-2 and col-sm-10 and 10 is 1000px in height due to the content, if you try to apply a color the col-sm-2 and want it to be the same height as col-sm-10 I’ve always been told in the bootstrap forum/discussion channel to use JS.