Already said earlier,.

Casburn: The title thing in that one is not trying to use an object as part of it’s delegate filtering

Rhames: Hello gents- while yall are on the topic of dates:

Hensle: I have a statement like this: if $this.val == ‘past_due'{

Barthold: What is the EASIEST quickest way to compare “THIS” to anything in the past

Schermer: I do not want to use a library

Marionneaux: Basically anything older than today

Naret: A Date or a date string?

Worsham: Http://

Frances: Be aware though that that is going to be based off of whatever the date is on the user’s pc

Eggink: This is for internal use. so I don’t think its a big issue?

Moffa: Uh, hey there, I’ve currently got a $’.foo’.eachfunction{//A bunch of things}; going on. But now I’m wanting to create the same functionality with a different cl*** selector. A bunch of variables in the function are going to change based on the selector. My question is how I construct this function to be used for if I go $’.foo’ or $’.bar’ when selecting. I was trying to Google it but I must not be searching the right stuff beca

Beales: Use I just get pointed to .each, haha.

Illes: I’ve seen like var functionname = function{} used before but I don’t really know the use case on those or if that’s what I’m lookin’ for here.

Connie: Hi guys, can I do this? $’#plan*Text’.text”;

Mitchan: E.g. plan01Text, plan02Text

Chass: Https://

Maham: But in chrome this is kicking me the error VM90956:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘CompletionDate’ of undefined…

Cavalcante: FancyCamel: other than where you get the variables from, is the logic the same?

Filyan: Nindustries: no, you’d have to break it up

Garnsey: Almost identical, yeah, taplar. Just things changing like different id’s being targetted and stuff but they’re even named similarly. eg. foo-pagination vs bar-pagination

Bellitti: Thing is I’m generating a portion of divs in my php code. When the user selects one, I need to do something on the rest

Nutile: FancyCamel: then i’d do your selectors inside your each and p*** them in as parameters to another function that does the work

Barbee: So I thought; remove cl***es from all and add to the selected

Wernecke: You can put the # as a data-* field and use that if you want

Frushour: Otherwise you could also do $’.cl***’.notthis to get the ‘others’

Pequeno: Hi php is return a text of “0.50” but in javascript the console.log doesnt seem to be showing it but shows a blank line in console BUT if i change the return $cardcharge to echo $cardchange shows it

Beilke: Baako: if your returning an array you need to json_encode it

Scheppe: Taplar, i am not returning an array

Cutlip: Taplar, what i dont seem to understand is if i change the return $cardcharge to echo $cardchange. d then becomes 0.50

Butac: That’s more of a php question, but return returns the result to the calling method, it doesn’t write it out to the STDOUT, which is what writes back to the requestor in a php http request

Lantzy: Echo writes out to the STDOUT, of course

Umezawa: Return will return the result to the calling PHP method, not ajax. they’re not in the same domian

Freme: Hit up ##php if you have more questions about that

Toppings: It doesnt except $datepickerDiv you have to give strings why variable doesnt work here

Kaai: Cause that’s the way it’s written dude

Kaai: If you had the variable, why would you need a delegate?

Howryla: Sounds good to my ear

Cother: Https:// it didnt accept variable you can just give string. Do you have any other advice to bind click event to a div?

Kaai: Already said earlier, twice, to look into manipulating the datepicker when you focus on an input