So I would do an if.

Hommel: Actually i dont know what you mean by manipulating the datepicker can you give me small example?

Kaai: Add a cl*** or something to it

Kaai: Your wanting to do two different things depending on if it’s .from or .to

Whittman: Datepicker add smt for adding cl*** iirc

Kaai: So put something on it that lets it know which it is focused on

Kaai: And then let the delegates do their work

Panas: So addCl*** to datepicker?

Franeo: Add cl*** to .from and .to

Greenhalge: I just want to make sure 😀

Kaai: Https://

Yuste: Kaai: yo yo yo

Wheary: Does it seem correct? :DD

Gierisch: Still on the same question hellyeah ? :p

Drorbaugh: Krpt: not continiously

Kaai: Or whatever you want to name them

Zeiger: I dont understand that

Kaai: As the comment says, make it work

Kaai: I’m not going to write the whole solution for you dudue

Floran: Https://

Kaai: If it works, cool. keep going

Demott: Kaai: thank you. You are always supportive

James: Seems it worked if it will be mess later

Klugh: That the way of learning :

Kaai: You’ve yet to do anything with other events

Kaai: And your only doing it for one of them

Kaai: I’m trying to point you to a solution but your not following

Kaai: Can you understand how frustrating that is?

Giddens: You said adding cl*** to datepicker

Dobberfuhl: Because datepicker is only one

Kaai: When you focus on the inputs

Kaai: I’ve now said that 4 times

Haberstroh: I need to take some breathe

Klier: When you focus on the inpput i guess you mean when you click inputs right

Kaai: Click is one way to get focus, yes

Kaai: But focus also accounts for other things like tabs

Kaai: Anything that results in the cursor being put in the input

Toedebusch: Sometimes my brain stops :p

Harting: If i dont talk no one talks

Beilinson: Okey i saw the wrong things

Baseler: I have a li element with a solid border, if i click this li then the border will become blue and radius, this i do not want i want it to stay default but i want that the bg color changes anyone knows how to fix this

Kaai: I take it your changing the border with a click event?

Kaai: So first step would be to find out what’s doing that

Resnick: Ye i think i remove the border xD

Grefe: I’m working with this custom dropdown list

Adner: Http://tymp****.net/codrops/2012/10/04/custom-drop-down-list-styling/

Rollison: I’m using it for create dinamics menus

Manzo: But doesn’t work when I create a new element

Moretta: Only when I reload the page

Kaai: What new element are you creating?

Biesecker: I’ve created a list like this

Kaai: If so you’ll have to run your initialization on that element after you’ve created it

Keilholtz: Using the javascript like the page say

Heimsoth: Http://

Rickabaugh: Kaai:

Bhalla: I’ve read in a JSON file into a variable. Now I’m needing to check if the the item.categories contains a specific word. It’s an array that can contain many values.

Flagstad: So I would do an if statement of item.categories.indefOf = “” ?