But anyway i need to take.

Mackney: It does the same thing, so for me the difference is only in preformance?

Jemmings: Jose3_: yeah read about those

Doulani: Detach will remove the element itself

Lanehart: Not remove all children

Saxton: Var smt = selector.detach

Worm: But if you remove root it will wipe all childeren right?

Lux: Then you have to recreate the root

Stackpole: If all you want to do is remove the children

Mershon: Selector.childeren.remove

Katsaounis: Plus by detaching the root, you’ve lost where it was placed

Marley: You seem to have a hate for empty, 😛

Danko: Empty sounds like erasing context instead of removing title

Browers: I dont know jquery has close method

Folken: I couldnt ocover use cases now

Phetteplace: Nothing inherently about empty has anything to do with a ‘title’

Vendelin: Taplar: it is metaphor

Tosti: Taplar: briefly you said there is only one datepicker and it is re-used

Spirer: Did i understand true?

Obrian: That make sense actually

Bingaman: So there is no way to select ui-datepicker-title seperately

Dworak: So how can i do this seperation i dont know

Bullocks: Because i have to input box

Wilbourne: Think about manipulating the one datepicker when an input is clicked/focused

Sierzenga: Does datepicker have an option to create two or more datepicker accoding to amount of input boxes?

Pelikan: You’d have to look at the docs for that

Guyett: I need to search for it

Greely: They always want custom logic

Monrow: But i have a feeling probably not

Tejeda: I didnt see something for that also i read api

Walvoord: So like i said, think about manipulating the single datepicker when an input is clicked/focused

Faucett: Is manipualating datepicker when you click inputbox no?

Elazegui: That’s the initialization

Muffoletto: Like trying to find this cl*** after initialization

Mastrocovi: So i can do seperation

Salisbury: The datepicker has an id on it

Stechlinski: This is is constantly changing

Vanaken: In my original work, you can create 100*.from and .to

Massoni: Http://jsfiddle.net/eefvjubt/18/

Armes: Well, now that’s just you scaring yourself, 😛

Fieldson: I found smt let me ask away

Deaderick: Var widget = $’selector’.datepicker’widget’; and widget.find’.ui-datepicker-title’;

Meikle: Widget returns jquery object with datepicker

Caughran: So i have datepicicker elements with child as jquery object

Serrin: I can use jquery methods to traverse tree

Sauchez: Inspect your dom dude

Wetsel: I dont think dom tree has this?

Maisch: Cause i enjoy lieing to you?

Levitre: Datepicker”widget” gets you the same thing as the id selector

Noffsinger: You just don’t have to know it’s id that way

Guzi: So at least my guess and understand seems correct

Sterkel: So now consider what you can do to it when you focus on an input

Neita: Https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/w19xmbbq/7/ why it doesnt work for title

Eddy: Seriously dude, change your selectors back

Giannavola: It’s hurting my brain, lol

Hugg: And i don’t believe the second argument to a delegate binding can be anything other than a string

Largo: Okey but ui-datepicker-title is child of ui-datepicker-div

Zbranek: Title thing works here https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/x1j739pt/

Toppen: But anyway i need to take some break for a min