Yeah, I’ve done that too.

Wigren: How can I compare the values then?

Essner: Requires two page loads to run

Gentleman: Maahacka: manually, by iterating through the array

Olveira: Ok, but let me just puke first .

Gentleman: Maahacka: in what language does it behave the way you expected?

Kalinoski: PHP and Python both have ==

Matejek: PHP for example makes a difference if you == or ===

Kalinoski: For contents comparison

Gentleman: Php coerces the array to a string.

Gentleman: Not the same thing at all.

Gentleman: You can do that manually if you like, but that’s a horrible way to compare things for equality.

Mate: Maahacka: boolean true

Mate: Maahacka: boolean false

Mate: Maahacka: boolean true

Gentleman: And i think php has similar problems.

Companion: It does not and the last comparison shouldn’t be true, imho

Pallan: On the left you have an array with an element of empty string, on the right you have an array with no elements

Simonis: How could that ever be true o_0

Mate: Maahacka: object ”, ”

Kalinoski: Because the string representation is the sam.e

Gentleman: Because they both stringify the same way.

Gentleman: String coercion ****s.

Gentleman: At any rate, == is not for comparing contents.

Gentleman: Maahacka: p****Int takes a string. you’re giving it an array.

Gentleman: Maahacka: and, p****Int has a second argument, the radix. you probably want “10”.

Harmsen: Hi, anyone has a recommendation on which tool to use to minify own js files? uglifyjs2 seems to be very widespread, but the dependency to node.js keeps me from using it, no easier tool around ? YUI is deprecated also

Fason: Guys can someone help me to explain what Step 2’s code do? Base64Encode what? bytes?

Harrower: What’s wrong with the dependency to node.js? It doesnt add the dependency to your code, its just a “runtime”

Hankey: Node infects your code

Weishaar: Hrusti: it encodes the hash

Muhr: Maahacka: so CryptoJS.HmacSHA256message.toLowerCase, key; returns hash?

Greet: Maahacka: sry, what is type of hash?

Illich: Ktwo, node is pretty much the standard platform for development tools

Pullus: Yes, that’s why it’s var hash =

Micali: And uglifyjs is the most popular minifier

Hamler: Hrusti: it seems like a sha256 encrypted with some private key

Fabro: Hrusti:

Dieterle: Well, i would like to integrate it into a javaee7 environment, with yui this was mostly one jar, one call. Whereas with uglifyjs i think it has to be done with the nashorn engine

Calligy: I’d get node working in your environment; it opens up a lot of options including those you can’t run on nashorn

Dormanen: Maahacka: I know but I am trying to create it in python and I cant figure it out. I have tried hexdigest method and base64encode digest method and I am getting 403 :/

Kaupu: Anyone familiar with json schema? How to describe items of a collection?

Blea: Http://

Misercola: Gentleman, you say you usually cache prototype functions when you .call them, right? Is that for the sake of shorter variable names? Or some perceived performance benefit?

Aben: Because I find that, when I decide to cache them, I choose variable names like Array_prototype_slice.

Gillentine: With underscores instead of periods.

Adamsky: Heroman, usually you’d do var slice = Array.prototype.slice

Heinbaugh: Yeah, I’ve done that too.