Can you give me small.

Karatz: Dan2k3k4: a third option is or $’.category_header’.filterfunction { return $.inArray$’ng-category-feed-id’, ‘1329’, ‘198414’ != -1 }

Rauer: I would like to start testing / creating a fallback for SVG images so it renders a .png. Now I get what Modernizr can do but what is the best way to ‘implement it’ ?

Rauer: Just pick 1 rule from the website and implement that or how does that part exactly works?

Etchinson: Rauer: you really need svg fallback?

Valone: Support is quite universal in fairly modern browsers

Rauer: Reverse actually, png fallback.

Finucane: Well i meant a fallback for svg

Rauer: Im using a .svg logo but

Rauer: IE8 seems not the happy one here

Konger: And you really care about ie8?

Demian: Rauer: if yes, then i would have the logo in a wrapping element

Rauer: It’s the website’s logo which is an svg, so it would be nice if was shown :

Caflisch: And set the png as a css background image in a conditional comment

Sturk: That way it will “just work” for ie8

Wiman: But the rest of the web won’t suffer for it

Rauer: In a conditional comment

Wiza: Cork:

Rauer: As in : a IE only comment?

Molyneux: It works well for me with attribute selector too

Cantillo: Rauer:

Ravetti: Rauer: or actually you could just have a separate img tag in a comment

Rauer: Well yes indeed that’s what I tought :

Patel: Would be even simpler

Allington: Hapi: except you’ve made a one liner into a 5 liner.

Mortland: Cork, the each is just for presentation, it works witout as well

Carabello: I am targetting i.e. does it make any different os using jquery uncompressed or minified version?

Truell: Your code does something completely different then the question

Metevia: Hapi: the result of the code should be a jquery result set with two elements in it

Rauer: Hellyeah production environments I always use the minified version.

Rauer: Cork what is your favourite way of implementing SVG,

Trimnell: Hapi: so the code would have to be

Zaugg: Regardless of browser_?

Caminiti: Normally just as an img tag

Rauer: Img src=”kiwi.svg” alt=”Kiwi standing on oval” as that

Asch: Cork, oh i tought he just want to simplify the two lines, by i dont saw he want to came back with a jq object

Covel: Hapi: the lines he used selected the result

Schwuchow: Rauer: only exception is if you need to reach into them from js

Glanz: Rauer: or if you need to have the svg react to user actions

Monsees: Cause img explicitly deny that

Rauer: No it’s just a site logo.

Rauer: Http:// looks pretty ok to use no?

Tribble: How I can achieve the effect that once a user starts filling an input.anothe input gets to be disabled.

Rosebaugh: Https://

Szeredy: I want when name.lastname gets name becomes disabled.and vice versa

Komis: Https://

Mitschelen: I have made some progress.

Bicknell: Https://

Johanson: One issue though is how enable again the coname input when the name lastname boxes are amptied?

Neelly: Damn i wrote simpel ajax but i forgot how to write

Briere: Can you give me small example,