I have the pdf invoice.

Dasch: Anna: if you need help let me know

Vogeler: Was gonna say wp user query :p

Stolarz: Can anyone see my message ?

Loendorf: Great! ๐Ÿ˜› my discussion client gray out my own messages

Decker: In the request of my query, it has ” LIMIT 0, 9″ at the end, but still returns randomly 13-15 posts, what should I check to find out why this is happening ?

Aagaard: Hi guys! Any good example for a good nginx configuration for wordpress site?

Lico: Use phpMyAdmin or adminer

Swango: Murcha : https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Nginx

Plamondin: Murcha: if you don’t want to config yourself then use easyengine handles all the things for wordpress with nginx

Vogeler: WordPress-Nginx/">Https://github.com/pothi/WordPress-Nginx/ wordpress">https://github.com/nicolargo/varnish-nginx-wordpress and tutorials here are good wordpress-nginx/tutorials/">https://rtcamp.com/wordpress-nginx/tutorials/

Vogeler: And if you want to spend a few bucks, hire rtcamp to tweak your server they do awesome work

Vogeler: We hired them for some high traffic sites and made quite a difference

Therriault: Aspock: i have local host so, i should make up my own configuration.with easyengine i have no information

Cortner: Fris: thanks alot i will dig in them

Tritz: Yes it will work on localhost

Vogeler: Saved us a bunch, we have a lot of 1 word and 2 word listings, in the first 1-5 spots on google so lots of money was saved with the tweaks

Bossart: As long as you are running ubuntu 14.04

Rippentrop: Yes ubuntu version is 14.04

Michocki: Fris: easyengine is by rtcamp only

Everman: Murcha: download easyengine

Living: Murcha :https://rtcamp.com/easyengine/

Shippee: Aspock: is it a pre-configured nginx virtualhost?

Vacher: Murcha: it is not virtual host, it is pre-configured and you can change config if you want to, it is open source project

Walterson: Murcha: https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine

Fredline: Aspock: thanks it is interesting project

Doig: Murcha: make sure you add host entry after you create site on local

Grisson: Aspock: you mean the path to wp root?

Zufall: Murcha: no loop back entry – example.com

Leibfried: I know how to alter billing fields in WooCommerce, but how do I alter the actual billing title? “Billing and Shipping” = “Customer details” etc.

Vogeler: You could use gettext like i did

Pumphery: Bah really? there’s no filter? :O

Vogeler: Not for that unless you use a template override

Styer: Aspock thanks, i am just moving my primary server from debian to cent, and figured i would go over my site configs, i don’t feel easyengine fits my needs at present but thanks for the advice

Vogeler: DRSK gimme a second to git this code i did

Vogeler: DRSK https://github.com/chrismccoy/twenty-members/blob/master/inc/members.inc.php i do it for various fields in here

Vogeler: Https://github.com/chrismccoy/twenty-members/blob/master/inc/members.inc.php#L142 to be exact

Piatkowski: Fris ยป thanks, swapped it to $text rather than translated text and went that way. Odd though, why not simply just add filters for them?! They’ve filtered just about everything else? lol

Vogeler: You can see the mods in action here http://boocommerce.com/member-post-only/

Lagge: Well I guess I need to log in?

Vogeler: You click buy platinum p***

Vogeler: You will see the product page is minmal, when you click purchase its also minimal

Saenphimmacha: Yeah to say the least, smooth!

Dufour: Erm ever did invoicing option in Woo?

Vogeler: Email invoices? or pdf?

Vogeler: Woo comes with email invoices by default

Vogeler: I have the pdf invoice extension, but i dont like that it doesnt work with overrides, cause i have email template overrides which elimate a lot of stuff from the email invoice, like subtotal, etc