Well #node.js wouldn’t give.

Nardella: In the browser, but any suggestions on what to use in the back-end to make my life easy?

Floran: DOM Objects are the javascript objects created from parsing the HTML do***ent?

Bavzee: Wikipedia is not giving enough information to answer that question

Goyette: Django_, your editor must have a way to go to the next open/closing match, in Vim for example you do %

Goyette: If it is not there when you do that, or jumps to a location you didn’t expect, then it is missing

Rainey: Rabbles: yes though they’re not specifically *javascript* objects

Emerling: Goyette: ok.now i get an error for return data; SyntaxError: expected expression, got keyword ‘return’

Goyette: Django_, what your code look like now?

Giovinco: I don’t even know how to attempt this, lol – https://jsfiddle.net/L20rthze/

Sparacina: Did my question go through? I’m not sure if I logged in in time

Trivitt: Goyette: http://pastebin.com/W39qqgZj

Claghorn: Rabbles, https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/JavaScript_technologies_overview contains a good definition

Aro: Larrydavid: use nodejs

Goyette: Django_, now it is just invalid syntax

Goyette: Django_, what happened to the braces?

Cantave: I thought it was {} —

Goyette: Django_, best practice to never forget punctuation, write it all first

Goyette: Django_, .successfunction{}

Robichard: Http://pastebin.com/rCMK4CxV

Cocran: Where is the mstake here

Pantelakis: Django_: my worry with Node.js is that all the ecosystem consists of a few github projects mentioned in random stackoverflow posts and blog posts. There’s no real do***entation tying everything together.

Friedrichs: Django_: match each and { with its pair

Kestle: I’m a bit scared to jump in because of that.

Goyette: Larrydavid, what do you mean?

Goyette: Larrydavid, there is plenty of do***entation here https://nodejs.org/api/

Hipsher: Not for Node itself, but for all the stuff on top of Node that one would use to save time

Dispenza: Larrydavid: nodejs is do***ented and works great

Nemitz: Wal mart funded it i htikn lol

Ciesluk: Like Express.js’s wikipedia page has 2 sentences.

Lejeune: So when I was researching earlier, I discarded it

Goyette: Larrydavid, mmm, Express. plenty of docs as well http://expressjs.com/4x/api.html

Aschim: So i asked and ppl say its good

Winterling: Goyette and deltab ty!

Corigliano: Goyette: yeah I know I was just worried. So you’re seconding django’s recommandation of Node.js?

Goyette: Larrydavid, recommendation for what? I missed that part.

Billips: Larrydavid Hi. Not a webdev so bear with me. I’d like to make a webapp which fetches status data from a server, and displays it on the screen. Data is ***ociated with an entity shown as an icon on a map, user clicks on an icon to view the full status data for that. There’s authentication of multiple users, permission to view certain types of data, etc. Now it’s clear I’ll need Javascript

Me: To show this in the browser, but any suggestions on what to use in the back-end to make my life easy?

Ellner: Larrydavid: if you have doubts on extra stuff ask around if its good or build it yourself

Goyette: Larrydavid, yeah, Node is fine for that, I think all you need is Express and some middleware for authentication in the backend

Swickard: Django_: I’m really new to web tech, there’s so much choice, and it’s hard to tell what’s unsuitable at first glance. Would take a long time to test everything here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_application_frameworks#Comparison_of_features

Mraw: Larrydavid: stackoverflow

Figueron: Well #node.js wouldn’t give me a neutral answer. I mean what they gonna do, say “go use Django”? :