Neeku, then what is the.

Smitz: But yeah, you’re best off elsewhere

Oniel: Perfect that was it thanks a bunch

Stumm: Dcr, what do you mean by last sentence?

Smitz: HackHand, you’re in a wordpress channel. Not seo, not blackhat

Hiskey: Dcr, another competitor:

Smitz: HackHand, ever been into Starbucks and bought a car?

Muccigrosso: Yeah. I signed the paper to own a car while drinking coffee with the former owner :

Smitz: How was their blackhat SEO skills?

Kinnaman: Are there any PHP libraries out there for SEOing a custom CMS based sites?

Norwell: Something like Yoast to be imported for your custom CMS?

Nordeen: HackHand: you don’t understand what seo is, on top of that you’re asking in the wrong place.

Nordeen: This isn’t the place for “seo”. there’s ##seo though

Thach: Opsec, SEO channel is ****in’ sleepin’

Sifford: HackHand: Please help us keep Franzmann a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Nordeen: Well, you’re certainly doing yourself no favors here

Ottogary: HackHand: just because another channel is dead doesnt mean we have to pick up for it

Dammen: LindsayM_, did I force you to pick it up for me?

Nordeen: In a way yes, you did.

Genich: LindsayM_, If you don’t want to take part don’t comment on it.

Kneifel: HackHand: not how topic-driven rooms work

Dabato: HackHand: if you decide to start an off topic discussion you are asked to move it to the appropriate channel – ie’ NOT HERE

Gana: HackHand: so, sir, move along.

Smitz: I already gave you Dori Friend.go sign up to her SeoGetRichQuick or whatever

Britcher: How does ‘author’ template hierarchy have templates for user ID or nice-name but not for roles!

Awender: Do we have a wordpress file somewhere that contains this? “link href=”ltr_style.css” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” media=”all””

Jostes: Neeku:

Tanis: Neeku:

Banerji: That’s the one he meant – do a grep in the source of your theme for that stylesheet filename neeku

Wolfing: LindsayM_: you know, I’ve been messing with this one thing for ages with no joy at all. it’s sort of a theme-specific customization. could you help me with this?

Appling: I’m mean, just to give me a piece of mind on how to do it.

Keisel: Neeku: read the do***entation.

Tewksbury: Neeku: yea. read the above docs

Bourque: And it’s PEACE of mind. not piece of mind lol

Pridgen: LindsayM_: the thing is the approach I’m taking is not working. I should do something else. I read the docs.

Dantonio: Neeku: good idea. Glad you had it

Wethern: Neeku, the docs show you exactly how to make it work. enqueuing scripts or styles is a very simple process. have you showed your code?

Zaza: Why does wordpress on the loop for a single.php add p to block quotes?

Wethern: I just jumped in your car going 90mph though so i may have bumped my head

Paguirigan: You don’t even know what I’m asking about, guys. :’

Wethern: Neeku Do we have a wordpress file somewhere that contains this? “link href=”ltr_style.css” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” media=”all””

Wethern: If that’s your question, i know exactly what you’re asking and can tell you 1 of 3-4 ways that line is being added to your code.

Lasota: Wethern: yeah, and I read the docs, etc. and I noticed it won’t work that way

Strauhal: So that’s not the question anymore

Wethern: What won’t wokr that way?

Gladwell: Neeku: so what’s the question?

Wethern: Neeku, then what is the quesstion?