Hi. Not a webdev so bear.

Mate: Gillice: boolean false

Mate: Havvy: SyntaxError: missing ; before statement

Mate: Gillice: SyntaxError: missing ; before statement

Pikey: Ok sure but with ‘hello’ === ‘hello’ you’re creating two separate string objects aren’t you?

Baskas: Why wouldn’t == work?

Ringuette: Rabbles: not objects, no

Bradey: Rabbles, Strings are treated as primitives unless you specify otherwise.

Mate: Gillice: boolean true

Meiers: Is there a way to quickly compare two arrays?

Sarvas: Array.prototype.every might be able to help out

Tamminen: If you want to know if they’re equal

Liberman: If you’re looking for the difference, that won’t help

Tavarez: However, Array.prototype.filter would 😛

Riopel: Rabbles, It also depends on what he array contains. And array of objects would need to be compared recursively.

Ocampo: Rabbles, So it depends on the context for the compare. Sometimes using .every might be fine with numbers, string, or objects that define an .equal method or similar.

Krumbein: I’m surprised there isn’t a way to shallowly compare two arrays that doesn’t involve a callback.

Hahne: Not that it’s a big inconvenience, just surprising

Vesely: I usually just try to avoid comparing arrays in JS.

Derby: Yeah I’m writing a shallow compare function

Praylow: Anybody opinionated on grunt vs gulp

Schramek: Is this the most efficient way to go about resetting an object to some default values while keep reference? http://pastebin.com/ddm1J6UM

Brandl: Why would it involve a callback?

Hargraves: Praylow: pick whatever makes the most sense to you

Gerrard: It’s an endless debate

Praylow: Gillice: agreed I was just bored, I am sorry :

Praylow: Yeah so far I like gulp as well

Antonich: Has anyone done in-context paypal integration popup with meteor

Brodine: Https://developer.paypal.com/docs/cl***ic/express-checkout/in-context/integration/

Dement: Rabbles: http://es5.github.io/x11.html#x11.9.3

Grindle: I **** so bad at basic javascript algorithms :/

Watley: Rabbles: http://jsfiddle.net/Gillice/y1vdLjp6/

Navarro: Might be a better way really

Boling: Rabbles: http://jsfiddle.net/Gillice/y1vdLjp6/

Westenbarger: That one finds the ‘odd one out’

Stachniw: Which I think might be more accurate

Mahapatra: Closer to what you’d expect it to do

Olquin: Anyway, I can’t think of a use for them, and they’d need improvement

Walls: Gillice, http://jsfiddle.net/Gillice/y1vdLjp6/

Glanz: I mean http://jsfiddle.net/y1vdLjp6/2/

Wankum: Sure I can do that. I though modifying DOM objects like that is bad idea

Wolfman: Hello, I am appending my own ‘style./style’ to head with jQuery. However the CSS is being applied with delay. I understand this is due to CSS being added by JavaScript but I would like to ask if there is any way to eliminate or reduce the delay as much as I can. Any advice appreciated

Hanke: Rabbles: yes, that’ll also work

Goyette: Extending native prototypes is not a good idea if that’s what you meant

Ostrom: That is what I meant thanks

Pegg: Whats the syntax error here: http://pastebin.com/rCMK4CxV

Devall: Error: SyntaxError: missing after argument list

Goyette: Django_, missing in line 5

Goyette: Follow open closing parens

Goyette: Since forever, pernes must match on both sides

Spachtholz: Hi. Not a webdev so bear with me. I’d like to make a webapp which fetches status data from a server, and displays it on the screen. Data is ***ociated with an entity shown as an icon on a map, user clicks on an icon to view the full status data for that. There’s authentication of multiple users, permission to view certain types of data, etc. Now it’s clear I’ll need Javascript to show this