Vafiadis: i added an.

Vafiadis: No matter how many times it calls exec

Vafiadis: Str.match, on the other hand, gives you ALL the results

Estrem: Yanmorin: i tried stuff like $”#div#snappuzzle-piece-id_0_0″.css{ border: ’50px solid red’ };

Elvis: Var re = /dd?/g, match, result = ; while match = re.exec’12 34 5′ { result.pushmatch; }

Elvis: Var re = /dd?/g, match, result = ; while match = re.exec’12 34 5′ { result.pushmatch; } result

Mate: Tcsc: object ’12’, ‘1’, ’34’, ‘3’, ‘5’, ‘5’

Deterline: I can’t select no ****. damn it.

Elvis: The thing about exec vs match is that if you have a regex with multiple capures that is /g you need to use exec

Caccia: If pickandmix if you have the good id, it will work

Vafiadis: Pickandmix: the # designates an ID. so to select a div with a certain ID, you’d do $’div#some-id’

Kucha: Yanmorin: i tried that. but it’ doesn’t seem to work.

Paulhus: Pickandmix: you sure the dom is ready when you select?

Totin: Any ideas for creating ‘intros’ for websites?

Vafiadis: Also are the ID’s unique?

Vafiadis: Because ID’s have to be unique

Pun: Like how can i give my user queues to do something?

Vafiadis: Otherwise, weird stuff will happen

Ertelt: Pickandmix, like that:

Vafiadis: Pickandmix: or are you trying to input an ID from a variable?

Renken: I tried that line, it didn’t work

Merrbach: Okay hold on, let me type out my situation.

Vafiadis: Pickandmix: if there’s more than a line or two of code, please use a gist or pastebin

Secreto: Don’t type out your situation, write a test case

Elvis: Just type out your situation

Fugah: You can’t debug a situation, you can debug a test case

Elvis: Not sure why that would be true

Vafiadis: I mean, ideally try to reproduce your issue in a jsfiddle or jsbin or whatever

Vafiadis: But failing that, a good description and some sample code in a gist

Bolla: So if we want to look for one or more characters matched at once , the easiest way is to use match, right ?

Paulhus: If all else fails write a letter to the president

Mate: IMath: String.prototype.match – JavaScript MDN

Poinson: Currently, I’m doing a jigsaw game. So I have several divs going on hidden/visible. Home Div – Instruction Div – Game Div. So when I click the button to hide Instruction Div, and show Game Div, the puzzle is generated. The jigsaw pieces are then generated in and can be seen in google chrome’s developer tool. So basically I’m trying to select the id of the pieces

Handville: Hmm. Maybe I can upload my code to github or something

Vafiadis: Pickandmix:

Paulhus: Pickandmix . do you get any errors .like checking the console

Swirczek: Https://

Joshlin: Let me crop what I see on developer tool

Orick: Http://

Ard: Basically I’m trying to select the id.

Perrot: But I can’t seem to do so.

Vafiadis: What’s with all the $this? that seems like a bug waiting to happen, I don’t get why people do that

Vafiadis: Pickandmix: what line numbers are the selects in question on?

Elvis: Don’t you have to do that in jquery?

Vafiadis: That looks like you’re trying to select on a cl***

Malesky: Hi everyone. What is a proper way to implement jquery-like callbacks with e.g. socket.emitdata, functionresponse {; };

Cranker: Vafiadis: i added an id