So I can’t ‘select’ the Id.

Gelzer: Vafiadis: so i was trying to select the id

Vafiadis: So where’s the attempted select on the ID that you’ve added?

Spragins: Https://

Vafiadis: I see where you’re adding but not where you’re selecting on it

Vafiadis: Well, thath’s a correctly-formatted ID selector. which means that method is either being called BEFORE the ID has been set, or the ID isn’t being set properly

Gatski: I feel that it’s being called before the ID has been set

Lutchman: Because how the code goes is the id are only generated after a certain button is pressed.

Vafiadis: Then you need to make sure that the function that uses the ID isn’t called unless the other one has already been called

Vafiadis: Setting IDs dynamically just seems iffy to me in genreal, honestly

Rubidoux: Tcsc, Vafiadis how is this

Gavigan: What do you mean by you need to make sure that the function that uses the ID isn’t called unless the other one has already been called

Vafiadis: I mean you need to make sure nothing tries to select on the ID unless the ID has been set

Vafiadis: Otherwise it won’t work

Lofaro: You need to select it at 178

Elvis: Zeroquake: does it work?

Yuska: In the onComplete callback

Debruin: Open you console , it prints out the objects

Desso: Vafiadis: so I should do something like div.onload, then I call the method?

Elvis: Zeroquake: the ones you wanted to to print out?

Barreras: I need unique values as well as duplicates ones

Vafiadis: Pickandmix: whatever guarantees the order. maybe only add the other event listener that uses the select in the method that actually sets the ID

Nepomuceno: The first object contains only uniques

Hannem: Second contains a unique pointer as key and duplicate objects for that key as its values

Elvis: Zeroquake: so. is that what you want?

Goodson: The first four dates are of same date

Hunziker: Vafiadis, sorry I’m not very proficient in this, I don’t understand that :/

Maruscak: Hoping that code isnt horribl

Elvis: I wouldn’t put those things on this

Elvis: Since you’re not calling x with new, and so they’ll end up as globals

Elvis: Except if strict mode is on, in which case it will just crash.

Guerriero: Pickandmix, put the code at line 178

Mini: I need these objects later , this code needs to go into prototypical inheritance based architecture , so gotta use function level globals

Elvis: Zeroquake: hm. if you say so.

Dosch: Yanmorin: :/ it didn’t work, i went through function.

Yamaki: I mean as in, after 178 was the ‘oncomplete’ method.

Baldrey: So I tried to reach the oncomplete method, but nothing happened after that.

Atkin: Was the id in the do***ent ?

Alcini: I generated the id from the jquery plugin

Hohmeier: Then don’t try to select it if it doesn’t exist

Grill: It was generated with this line .attr”id”, “snappuzzle-piece-id_”+x+’_’+y

Hustead: So, again, was the id in the do***ent ?

Pinder: So I can’t “select” an Id generated from other do***ent?

Wolbrecht: Even though it’s “linked”?

Olin: Does this mean I have to do the CSS via the jquery file instead?

French: You have many do***ent ?

Hejny: No, just the html, js, css

Montalbano: That’s only one do***ent

Streitmatter: Oh. sorry, I’m not very good at this /

Buendia: So I can’t ‘select’ the Id generated from the plugin?