Jeng: WordPress has changed.

Lokan: Dopazo hates truth, also me ;

Vanasten: Dopazo, awwwe don’t be sour ASP kiddo ;. I use C# when I have to. I just don’t like it

Lokan: He only believes in puppies and unicorns!

Volesky: I don’t write in ASP?

Brumet: I pretty much only do WordPress development

Hatke: I write VB if I have to deal with Excel sure

Govero: LOL, he has a cool name though. one of my best friends from Japan is Kiroshino

Menuey: Dopazo, you can do XLS/CSV stuff with PHP just as well

Lokan: I have to go shower now, think about them apples Dopazo. *wink*

Blacksher: I friggin LOVE the new WordPress though. was a Joomla! Developer for 5+ years & now I can’t stand joomla. hadn’t played with WordPress in years & now i friggin LOVE IT! WordPress Joomla without a DOUBT!

Mordaunt: WordPress is waaay better than it was 5 years ago

Harpe: It’s OverKill for a lot of basic sites. but I’m really impressed with the WordPress krew & what they’ve done

Jeng: All of us are better looking, faster, and smarter than we were 5 years ago.

Jeng: Oh, wait, no, not me. :-

Krom: Now I just gotta figure out these DB compatibility issues. figure out how to do database-bridging with mssql & mysql & get it to write the database tables properly when sending them over. I hafta admit, I’ve never done this before.

Jeng: You’re not going to try to make WP work with MSSQL, are you?

Furlotte: Jeng, Yea not me either. 1 stress related stomach ulcer later & about 10 lbs heavier hehe

Blakey: Jeng: No sir, I’m gonna re-write their template with PHP/ajax. pretty much write a new WordPress template that looks the same. A pain yes. but easier to have WordPress on MySQL, I just haven’t got access on what all their database stuff is yet entirely

Jeng: Here’s where to start:

Munkberg: Jeng: Right now they’re on BlackBaud which is ASP.NET CRM/CMS thingy, they want to switch to WordPress completely

Jeng: In another life, I deal with Blackbaud briefly

Camerino: Jeng: Cool man, Im gonna check it out. Yea I had never played with BlackBaud before this. Friggin IIS/Mssql, Microsoft Exchange using, ASP.NET dorks bother me ; hehe j/k

Purkett: So i updated wordpress from someversion to whatever latest is, and now for whatever reason /wp-admin/ is just blank

Coneway: Jeng: wait so what does this stuff do? It generates WordPress templates out of other code?

Jeng: It’s a starter theme. all the basic code and markup you need to build a theme; lot of placeholder CSS

Sadlier: Jeng: WordPress is all PHP though. this site is made out from .ASP, probably won’t work for that right?

Jeng: If you’re going to do WP, you want LAMP.

Moulder: Jeng: Well all my servers are Debian or Ubuntu. With Open Source & Commercial Control Panels. but they have internal IIS servers. If I get the contract I might be able to get them to let me build them a new Linux server to use. but I can run WordPress on IIS just fine

Jeng: Kminor: if you’re feeling masochistic, yes, you can run WP in IIS. It’s not pretty.

Beller: Jeng: Well like I said, I have all Linux servers. but I used to play with WordPress/Drupal/Joomla/Silverstripe/TYP03/vTiger etc. etc. for clients all the time. Almost positive I’ve created cool WordPress sites on IIS

Wampler: Jeng: What kind of problems arise with WP & IIS?

Grinman: Just to give me an idea of if I really need to pitch them the idea of making a brand new Linux server

Jeng: No support for .htaccess; lots of little stuff that just is different.

Jeng: Mr_Midnight: are you around? can you tell kminor about WP on IIS?

Dorsay: Jeng: I’ve gotten .htaccess to work with IIS. just different than adding Apache2 Directives. I forget what I did to allow htaccess.txt to .htaccess back then.but i remember getting it to work

Pascarelli: Jeng: WordPress has changed a lot tho. like I was telling opsec earlier. pretty impressed with the WordPress krew