Until native support.

Brow: The shell is literally js

Sambrook: Tcsc: like when you have a web project and change a js and e.g. express automatically detects that and restarts your server or just reloads the .js. e.g. pm2 does offer that

Feerick: Oh i don’t do much server stuff

Keitsock: Lots of people hate on it

Feerick: My server code is very thin

Feerick: Put this in the database, get this from the database, etc.

Leviton: Lots of DBAs hate on it, and since they’re the authorite.

Roles: Keitsock: I see that now

Keitsock: It has its upsides and its downsides. I like that you query it using js that’s pretty cool

Keitsock: But if your data is mission critical you better have a good backup strategy

Keitsock: Well.obviously ­čśŤ but an *extra* good one with mongo

Sambrook: When is v8/nodejs going to support ES6 natively?

Keitsock: They are slowly working on it

Gerrero: Keitsock: ECMAScript 6 compatibility table – kangax https://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6/

Keitsock: It’ll prob still be a while yet

Keitsock: Plus it won’t really matter because you won’t be able to realistically distribute es6 code even when they do

Keitsock: Unless you can afford to ignore the bulk of the web

Keitsock: We’ll be on babel et al for the foreseeable future

Keitsock: Especially since by the time es6 is realistic, es7 and es8 will be out.

Sambrook: Keitsock: I do not see v8 in that table.

Keitsock: And node on the far right

Keitsock: Slash io.js which iirc is merging back in

Sambrook: If v8 has ES6 tomorrow will nodejs will have it soon thereafter? Or will they need to rewrite lots of stuff before that?

Sambrook: But maybe that’s what they are doing atm with io.js

Keitsock: Starting to get out of my realm of knowledge but as I understand it node just takes v8 from upstream and slaps their stdlib over top

Keitsock: I don’t know much about the io.js divergence from node but from the look of that compat table its support is much higher. I don’t know if their v8 is just more up to date or what that is caused from though

Keitsock: I know you can enable some newer features in both io/node by p***ing args to node runtime

Cone: If you go to io.js faq they say they have a much more updated version of v8

Cone: Https://iojs.org/en/es6.html

Sambrook: Which feature in ES6 is about making quoting easier for html templates? e.g. something where I could return divhello/div” ?

Cone: Http://es6-features.org/#StringInterpolation

Keitsock: Return div title='”this” all “works”‘test/div;

Sambrook: In the compat-table that is under the row “┬žString.prototype HTML methods” ?

Keitsock: Template strings I think

Sambrook: Hmmm. doesn’t seem like it

Cone: I didn’t know chrome was already there lol

Sambrook: And v8 already has them it seems :

Keitsock: Yeah the browsers support a fair bit of it already

Keitsock: Chrome supports promises and not only that will unswallow uncaught exceptions from inside promises

Cone: Did somebody said io.js merge was happening soon?

Sambrook: So just moving my code over to io.js could make my life easier :

Keitsock: Node and io.js agreed to merge

Keitsock: Not sure the timeline

Leviton: Use node.js, compile with babel, don’t worry be happy

Cone: I kind of don’t like babel :/

Leviton: Do you also hate icecream and puppies

Cone: I mean i think it’s great

Cone: But i just don’t see myself using it

Cone: Until native support :/