ES # – Date.

Leviton: Based on a talk I heard, It’s more spec compliant than typescript

Cone: It’s like i can’t find anything wrong with it, but my Wibbenmeyer sense is tingling

Cone: And by Wibbenmeyer sense i mean my ocd

Keitsock: Cone: right but like I said you’ll basically never have “native support”

Keitsock: By the time es6 is widespread and useful, we’ll be well into es2016 es2017 es2018 etc

Leviton: I can’t speak for the experimental ES7 features, but if you’re able to articulate a particular oogie feeling I’ll do my best to soothe it

Cone: For example, i found a quirk with date objects

Cone: Oh nvm, they probably got that fixed

Cone: But essentially on ES5.1 var d = new Date; var d2 = new Dated; d !== d1

Leviton: Var t = new Date; t.setMonth420; t

Gerrero: Leviton: object Tue Jan 04 2050 17:25:06 GMT-0500 EST

Sambrook: Http:// — dat spec. it’s basically just an EBNF.

Cone: D.valueOf !== d1.valueOf

Leviton: Var t = new Date; +t === +new Datet

Gerrero: Leviton: boolean true

Leviton: B const t = new Date; +t === +new Datet

Sambrook: So when will io.js and node.js merge. is there already a date announced? :

Bobic: Can anyone suggest any articles or datasets for d3, started learning it the other day

Leviton: So add 15 years to their speculation and you’ve got a ballpark

Sambrook: Leviton: I give them 15 days to keep it realistic :

Cone: Look,

Cone: This gives me false on firefox

Leviton: Your optimism is appreciable

Leviton: What about +date === =date2

Sambrook: Still cool that my chromium actually already supports hello :

Cone: Still false on firefox

Cone: Anyway, maybe it’s not a feature of babel yet

Leviton: That might be due to a different implementation of Date of FF than chrome, though

Cone: No, it is because on ES5.1, when you p*** Date as a value for the constructor

Cone: New DateDate.p****d1.toString;

Cone: Which gets rids of the miliseconds

Leviton: Well it sounds like it is, in chrome, but not FF

Cone: Seems like chrome has already adopted date behaviour of ES6

Leviton: Babel can only conform to the spec, it can’t make ***umptions about browsers

Leviton: Plus, it’s a 5.1 issue, not a 6 issue, as you can see the transpiled code doesn’t change anything except adding a “use strict” flag

Cone: But shouldn’t it have transpiled my 5.1 code into 6.0?

Cone: It could have simply called date.getTime to make it compilant with 6.0

Leviton: Is Date in the ES spec or the JS spec

Sambrook: Also, wasn’t there something in ES6 that would help with the this dilemma being redefined for every lambda/function? So you either use Function.bind or do var that = this in your method.

Leviton: The ES spec seems to say that if DateObject and Object has DateValue, DateValue will be accessed which is a timeValue which is a Number.

Keitsock: Arrow functions dostoyevsky

Keitsock: They inherit “this” from the next highest scope

Keitsock: I don’t think they technically get their own scope is actually how it works

Keitsock: Except “let” scope which differs from normal var scope

Sambrook: Ok, not there yet in io js or node js

Keitsock: I think arrow functions are there

Keitsock: You might need to enable a flag

Keitsock: They might be “experimental”

Leviton: ES # – Date.prototype.valueOf is akin to # – Date.prototype.getTime