I dont feel like i know js.

Feerick: If its infinite you cant keep it all in memory no matter whate

Werkheiser: Tcsc: yeah its chunked

Feerick: And page them in on demand

Werkheiser: Tcsc: hmm, so you think just use object properties and make sure I don’t keep too many live at once

Keitsock: AramKaram: in general terms you can think of reduce as something that takes a collection of values and reduces them to one value. not always becuase it’s possible to have array in – array out, or any number of other things

Keitsock: But that’s generally how it’s used

Werkheiser: Tcsc: I see what you’re saying now

Keitsock: AramKaram: for instance, array of line items on an invoice, reduce to “total” by way of summing each value with the next

Feerick: Werkheiser: there are some trickiness to doing that thouhg, you’ll end up having some coords be chunk-relative and some be world relative

Feerick: Thats not really that bad

Knippel: Keitsock aha, thinking that way might actually help getting better feel at reduce, this is the first time I see it used in such context and it takes me now brainstorm and a little hard thinking to see how this contains used reduce is such a way to produce this function, a bit challenging :-/

Feerick: Werkheiser: fwiw i agree with everyone who said you should probably not worry about e.g. the most efficient method to store and access this stuff right off the bat

Werkheiser: Well I’ve already hit a bottleneck

Leviton: Reduce is akin to fold. I probably would have liked it better if it was named .fold

Werkheiser: I think it might be Babel

Feerick: You sure thats where it is?

Werkheiser: Like all these objects are probably not native objects

Feerick: Are you using loose mode?

Werkheiser: They’re probably wrapped up babel craziness

Werkheiser: Not sure, I used a boilerplate

Werkheiser: I’m not SUPER integrated into the javascript world :

Feerick: It makes babels generated code much faster

Werkheiser: Just trying to do some game programming

Feerick: And easer to read imo

Feerick: Its not true es6 though

Leviton: Here, take this flanel shirt and thick-rimmed gl***es. There! Looking more like a javascript dev already

Feerick: Some things dont work

Feerick: And have never run into them

Keitsock: Leviton: don’t forget your standard issue mac book!

Feerick: I also have only just started using babel recently fwiw

Feerick: I’ve been pasting code/modules i’m suspicious of into https://babeljs.io/repl/

Feerick: And looking at what it compiles

Leviton: It’s like you’re looking straight at me. But, instead of Spelman, I’m wearing a WoW shirt from 5 years ago

Sambrook: Tcsc: does babel integrated with autoreloading?

Traister: What is the most compatible database with JavaScript in the sense that it is pratical and easy to use?

Keitsock: Leviton: I can see into your soul

Keitsock: Leviton: with the console

Feerick: Autoreloading as in reload the page?

Sambrook: SuperHeroINTJ_: sqlite

Feerick: I do game dev so i might loose a lot of state that way

Keitsock: SuperHeroINTJ_: pretty much anything works fine. I’ve used postgres and mysql and mongodb

Feerick: I wish i had hot reloading though

Keitsock: They all work as well as they worked with perl or php in my experience

Leviton: Console.inspectdo***ent.querySelector’.hipster’

Feerick: I’d pretty much kill for it but all the ones i’ve tried have not worked so well

Mykins: No one going to say mongo?

Feerick: I dont feel like i know js well enough to go about implementing it myself though. maybe some time in the future.