Tehopeologist: you’d use.

Kielich: Uint8Array could have been called UnsignedByteArray.

Sauret: So is this like stream data

Bal: Like a way of working with binary that you target by chunk size

Daurizio: It’s just data in memory. sometimes you’d deal with data like this when reading from a stream

Krider: But it’s really just access to a chunk of memory.

Zani: It is promised that it is contiguous because you have to specify the size on construction?

Guzzio: I’m sure theres leeway in the standard for it being non-contiguous.

Seppala: Btu that would literally be insane.

Zangger: But even C has leeway about memory not being contiguous.

Howick: You said it has use cases for speedy things and when interfacing with native things like Cordova. What’s an example of the latter?

Cordwell: I’ve never used cordova, but you use them in webgl a lot

Dubberly: You create arrays of floats to send to the gpu

Kennemer: And they have to be typed arrays.

Brockert: Kamuela_iOS i have a project where i’m streaming data off a bluetooth sensor via cordova

Keitsock: Games are so raw. They just ask computers to take some numbers and simulate reality with them

Hoffstetter: So i do a lot less data munging / manipulation if i use typed arrays, since i know what structure the sensor data is

Poepplein: Well a lot of people purchase nicer computers explicitly to play games. if you don’t use that to it’s fullest potential, then they’re usually disappointed. this applies less to JS than to C++

Takahashi: Ok so it’s about interacting with external thing

Hoseck: So it comes over BLE – through iOS – via cordova – into JS – do math

Jardon: And i’m not changing types or instantating a bunch of new objects

Cadavid: BLE is a sensor device?

Lanosga: BLE is bluetooth low energy

Elvin: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRWONOSZbaE

Pickell: But yes, talking to a device with sensors

Buchalter: How would one grab a specific value from an object in an array of multiple objects? i need a value from an object, and the only way i know which object i need is from another value in the objects

Sivalia: The objects have ID and name, and i need to grab a specific object based on ID and then return the name of the object

Siebeneck: Kamuela_iOS: i’d show you webgl code that uses typed arrays but it’s gnarly as heck since it’s webgl code

Springs: Hm so i tried that and it’s returning nothing :

Cowart: I guess my function that the filter is getting p***ed is incorrect, then

Thao: Tehopeologist make a fiddle

Kelzer: Https://jsfiddle.net/438nxxd2/

Firkins: Simplified, but ***ume _heroes is an array of objects

Leth: And the objects have keys of ID and name

Juan: And _selectedHero should == a specific hero’s ID

Kyles: Updated: https://jsfiddle.net/438nxxd2/1/

Denier: The way filter and find work is using a predicate

Kasowski: Which is just a function that returns true/false

Rieg: So i can’t do anything but boolean in there, is that correct?

Evangelista: Right – the result will be all of the objects that you returned true for

Cordel: Filter *always* returns an array

Renzulli: Find returns the first object as an object

Schuerholz: It’s in react and i’m using babel, so i’m good. thanks for the heads up, though _

Carrow: Okay, so if i’m understanding correctly, i’d just need to remove ***igning _selectedHeroName in the if statement in the findSelectedHeroName function and have that just return true, which then the filter will need to be opened up to then do the ***igning after it gets true, right?

Rimson: Tehopeologist: you’d use _selectedHeroName = _heroes.findfunctionhero{ return hero === something }