Id say i’m about 99%.

Jeng: Cliffer: link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’nggallery-css’ href=’′

Seabury: Cliffer: uh. you’re wrong, and I don’t even know what you’re trying to do

Jeng: Just like it says in the doc

Jeng: Look at this and tell me it can’t be done, cliffer

Salmi: Http://

Jeng: Cliffer: “This stylesheet is provided to allow users the ability of overriding the default styles for all display types”

Kozlowski: Jeng: this is in the head and does not apply to the gallerie, which is in an iframe

Hollingworth: The iframe itself loads only one stylesheet, which i COULD edit, but which is not possible to edit whit the proposed changes on the website

Stas: I made the changes in div.galleria-counter { display: none; }

Defiore: Jphase : could be plugin, I’ll check ’em all

Woytek: But the change is not visible

Torrecillas: Ugh woocommerce is driving me ****ing crazy

Goughnour: Joep_: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Hilyar: Because the iframe does not take the css from the outer website into account

Frontis: If its wrong, please point me to the wrong point

Tsou: Http:// : third last sentence in the article: Custom CSS will not work for NextGEN Pro iframe based galleries.

Jeng: Cliffer: OK, you’re right.

Jeng: Cliffer: please take this up with their support team.

Jeng: Pretty dumb design, if you ask me!

Bratcher: At least, they could include the custom.css in the iframe

Scoggan: Jeng: using an iframe is pretty questionable

Jeng: Yup. Wonder why? Well, only a little, don’t really care.

Jeng: It’s PRO so it must be good, better even than PLUS

Gofton: Sigh. Why won’t my localhost clone of this wordpress site work ._.

Trull: Going to localhost:8888/site/wp-admin just keeps redirecting back to /site.

Jeng: FancyCamel: because you did something wrong?

Campman: Scavotto: also a big thx to you

Kludt: I’ve triple checked the URLs in the database. I’ve checked cahcing. Checked for hard-coded urls in the project folders.

Ginn: FancyCamel: how did you move it

Jeng: How are hosting it locally, FancyCamel

Mcinnis: And there are no redirects in the .htaccess

Wilmarth: I copied it from the ftp. And imported the database manually in phpmyadmin

Atengco: Running it using MAMP.

Donahue: FancyCamel: ran the search2replace db app on it.

Rodrequez: FancyCamel: sounds like you didnt follow EVERY instruction on moving WP over

Cate: Jphase : I disabled all plugins, then enable one by one

Pullom: Well, I’ve cloned multiple sites and I’ve never run into issues like this.

Storie: FancyCamel: Check out – Underscores is a starter theme ment to be the base of your next awesome theme, try it out!

Crafford: FancyCamel: so you’ve bveen doing it wrong all along . and just got lucky

Farruggio: Quite the tone you have there for not being sure.

Damasco: FancyCamel: im sure. you moved but didnt change all references of your domain because some are stored serialized and a basic find will not find them and replace them

Antoine: FancyCamel: you certainly arent the first to come in here with this

Villenas: Well, I did both an update using phpmyadmin and also the changes in functions.php for changing my domain name.

Rigatti: Id say i’m about 99% certain unless you had some other way to swap serialized strings in your DB and then its something else. but statistics tell me I can be QUITE sure