Nialcen: it’d honestly be.

Ausley: If he used the find and replace tool by it would do that for him though : probably didn’t

Tarabokija: FancyCamel: yea thats not the same

Hoshall: Jphase : it’s the same problem but not for the same number

Riola: Jphase: hge did NOT use the search2replace app

Zemlicka: Oh, false advertisement

Gniewek: Nialcen: hmm. this is very odd – and do you have the same issue with no plugins enabled?

Hochschild: Nialcen: when you disabled ALL of them did you test and get the same error?

Sakumoto: Are you referring to a DB migrate tool? I used DB Migrate Pro if that’s what you’re talking about.

Bolding: Because thats the real question

Bourgon: FancyCamel: if you used a migration tool you shouldnt have found any remnants with your old domain

Roughton: And I didn’t. That’s what I’m saying. I just said that I repeatedly checked that they changed properly.

Denfip: FancyCamel: i dont know DB Migrate pro so I cant speak specifically for that, but the WP docs list great useful tools for moving wordpress along with step by step instructions that literally never fail if you follow them

Moschella: Nialcen: if you’re running into errors like that with no plugins enabled and a default theme then there’s something between your PHP/DB settings and/or your caching servers that need to be tweaked. otherwise it’s somewhere in the plugin or theme code

Lowney: Jphase Scavotto : the only one that enable / disable the problem completely, is W3TC

Shaffstall: Because that is generally the problem when redirects like this tend to occur is database issues.

Formichelli: So it realy came from caching

Lokan: One should always know how to move a site *by hand* if you’re also going to use some tool that hides what it’s actually doing.

Sobenes: FancyCamel: so i would regenerate your DB with the tool the WP Docs tell you to use and test

Wilburn: Scavotto : probelm come from W3TC plugin

Greenstein: But I can’t find out why

Lokan: There’s a big surprise ;

Kidd: Nialcen: so you are saying that the error only happened when W3TC was enabled and no other plugins?

Gerula: Nialcen: in that case, i would report to the plugin creator. but honestly. I dont use that plugin

Plunket: Nialcen: honestly it sounds like either you have a static page cache that’s creating static files from W3TC that’s what happens when you don’t have a caching daemon setup like memcached and such and it can’t write to the directory, or it’s setup to p*** off to a daemon that isn’t installed or isn’t running

Ducker: I’m the author of all the blogs on my site, but now I’ve invited a friend to contribute a guest blog and I can’t figure out how to change the name in the “author” column?

Hunze: Jphase : what I cannot understand is why it work flawlessly until a certain number of post :/

Scarritt: Laters all: and lindsay the help did not help but it was nice of you to try:

Beachell: Nigel: create a new user for him. You shouldnt have to change any names anywhere

Bleau: Nialcen: understanding that would require digging into W3TC pretty thoroughly – it’s best to try to resolve and not understand unless you have a lot of free time on your hands

Ramiez: Atoem: helping you was not possible

Melendy: Which is why you should contact the creator

Angolo: How do i find the creator?

Lokan: Cache plugins in wordpress are like taco bell, tastes great going in. hell on the way out.

Disorda: Nigel: the plugin’s creator and website is listed in the WP repo

Forlivio: Jphase : ok, any Idea I can check ?

Lokan: Not just a joke, reality ;

Villano: The jokes based in reality are the funniest

Kerslake: Nialcen: it’d honestly be tough to tell you the exact source of the problem – but I’d start with toying with the settings and purging after each change to the W3TC settings. After that, if you still can’t resolve it – I’d suggest enabling stack tracing in your PHP error reporting, which will allow you to find the line/file that started the request that ended up causing that error