Tcsc, maybe a more specific.

Honkanen: So many seemingly useless layers of objects and arrays

Steyer: They -could- use some flattening

Kendrix: Hi. Suppose I have a floor plan. I want to place a html button on a specific location on the image, say on the door. When the button is pressed, some action is performed. Can this be done?

Sloan: It’s not too hard to do that, but the ‘click’ frame will be rectangular so it won’t fit perfectly over the door

Laux: Although even that could be fixed with some CSS, but that’s likely not worth it

Seller: Gillice: someone told me image maps or canvas element may do the job. Is that a good idea?

Piske: Buttons don’t have to be rectangular ThePendulum

Prabel: Piske: then you’ll need to involve CSS transformations or something

Tomopoulos: Hmm image maps look good

Marian: Let me see if I can make you an example

Swatzell: Gillice: thanks a lot. u’re most kind

Fruin: Gillice: What if the webpage needs to be viewed on mobile devices? Will the button appear on different locations on the image on different screen-sizes? Is that going to be a difficult task?

Toland: I’ll see how that works out

Esguerra: I haven’t used it either

Brelje: Asw_: I don’t think it’ll scale well

Kittelman: Someone came out with a solution.

Mowatt: Asw_: this is just the difficult way of making an image map though

Gentleman: Why not just use an image map

Merson: Gillice: why is it difficult? it’s pure html

Zuehl: It’s CSS, unlike an image map, which is pure HTML

Wilding: Hi, someone familiar with making spherical panoramas?

Bile: Asw_:

Hauth: Eh sorry for that CSS, that was ineffective

Dumm: But now your door is clickable

Rorie: It’d be even better to have the floorplan completely in SVG

Rabito: Gillice: wow! the code looks even simpler

Gurnsey: Asw_: yeah, there’s no CSS involved for the actual map

Bowey: More beautiful would be if the floorplan was an SVG

Arlan: Then you could literally make the ‘door’ clickable, rather than just an area on top of the door

Deprospero: Gillice: what if I want a button to appear on the door? Can that be done?

Dominik: I’m trying to figure out how to apply CSS to areas

Medler: Wouldn’t that clutter up the image though

Elvis: So, i need to place a button at the bottom of the screen. on iOS in landscape as well as portrait. The page is inside a cross-origin iframe. In landscape, the device insists that the height of the window is 568px, and the width is 578px, but outside the iframe the window.innerHeight reads as 212px, which is accurate.

Okajima: Gillice: without some sort of button, the user may not know where is clickable

Elvis: Css media queries fail me here, as does. really, everything.

Elvis: Considered asking in ##css but I don’t think that this will be solved without javascript.

Shoaff: If I give the area in a map any CSS styling the element appears to the side of the map

Entz: You’d need JS for that I think

Adduci: Tcsc, so your iframe is bigger than its do***ent?

Sitter: Asw_: I think for your purposes it’d be easier to ceate these floorplans as SVGs

Elvis: Pikul: sort of. only because the media queries arent matching

Tumbleson: Gillice: I tried it on my smartphone. That rectangle works as well!

Oelke: Although I guess that’s difficult

Theberge: Asw_: oh it will as long as the image has a fixed width

Poser: Gillice: it works on different screensizes

Pavao: Tcsc, maybe a more specific rule is overwriting your query