Calvillo: thanks, although.

Wigger: For the sake of learning, why does margin: 0 auto not work here?

Bludworth: Nemo: thanks let me try

Marrett: Jerv: well, not going to position it vertically, but my other guess is your anchor isn’t defined as a block element

Marrett: And possibly doesn’t have a width even if it was

Donaghey: Squeakytoy what if you make B child of A ?

Marrett: Jerv: but anchors are inline by default

Farrior: Squeakytoy oh, hold, fixed position? not relative?

Czaplewski: Nemo: yeah I’d expect display: block; margin: 0 auto; to work in that case

Seabold: But be relative towards A

Magruder: Squeakytoy but you want it to be relative to viewport as well

Resendes: It will be either relative to one or to the other, can’t be both

Treiber: Nemo: can’t seem to get it right with positioning

Crabb: Squeakytoy if B is has left:0, you want it to be 0pixels from A or from viewport?

Arreola: So, use position: relative; not fixed

Innocent: But then its not fixed when scrolling

Naeve: Squeakytoy If you scroll, A will scroll and B wont, is that right ?

Medford: I mean, is that what you want

Gumprecht: Scot, yes, B should be fixed

Macconaghy: You want it to be “initially” positioned on “A” but then switch so it doesn’t scroll? otherwise I can’t even imagine the effect you want.

Ketelaar: If it follow A it doesnt follow viewport, and if it follows viewport it wont follow A, there’s no sense on making it relative to both at the same time

Mangiapane: Scot, its more like the left should be relative to A, top fixed

Neiswoger: Ah, that makes more sense

Hirota: Scot, but yea, initially also works

Timme: Squeakytoy try something like this to see if it helps:

Zajc: Http://

Buote: Stole that from a stackoverflow answer :

Paskell: Yea, it doesnt use ‘left’, i read something similar to that too

Dys: I’ve made a small fiddle of the centering problem I’m trying to solve, if anyone can take a look:

Davirro: There’s no position-vertical or position-horizontal to do it properly, you have to trick it somehow

Mayala: Is it possible to glue an element to the bottom of its container but not have it overlap with other content of the container?

Addario: Jerv how about this ?

Graffagnino: The width:100% might not be necesary

Martinetti: I have a very long line of non-whitespace text, how do i make it wrap ?

Brzuchalski: Zap0:

Marrett: Zap0: that being one of the few handy pieces of CSS introduced by Microsoft – works even in IE6

Yoshimori: There should be a donation or tip system

Berrett: So i could paypal people 3-5 usd

Kennerly: Can someone explain why these floats aren’t clearing each other?

Marrett: Squeakytoy: I accept bitcoin 😝

Laible: I get a diifferent result whem adding “clear:left/right” to the different sides

Calvillo: L8D:

Crofts: Calvillo: I meant that I wanted them side-by-side in the correct order

Calvillo: You should have one container for each float

Schrieber: Calvillo: is there any way to do it without columns though? I’d prefer to keep each individual element on the same level, so that they will have a different linear order when displayed on mobile

Dukeshier: Calvillo: thanks, although that leads me to just using the columns approach since flexboxes aren’t supported in common mobile environments :/