Shoftee: anyway thx for a.

Edgmon: Can i compare this string with value of column and select appropriate one_

Tirri: Jedik: reproduces it on the iPad

Mcnulty: Jedik: prettier XML

Beadling: Shoftee: have you checked what elements it actually loops?

Guyet: Meaning, what is the extra entry?

Lane: Console.log$p****d.find’container items item’.mapfunction { return; }.get;

Darras: That array would be interesting to see

Swedberg: Https://

Megia: Ugh, is there an easy way to store the response?

Helphenstine: Do you know how much of a pain this is to debug on a Windows box?

Hartnett: Apple ****in’ require you to have Mac OS X for everything.

Shadiack: Hmm it returns 1234567899

Koko: Shoftee:

Vogelpohl: Shoftee: hmm so ya, that definitely sounds like a browser bug

Mordehay: One min let me try another thing

Mcclamy: Same with your update, repeats the last ID

Aguila: However, in my actual case, the repeated element is the first one.

Teats: Shoftee:

Beisner: Does the last test give you 10 too?

Falck: It is what jquery uses in the background

Kuthe: So maybe somewhere in the middle?

Kamke: Jquery does uses a bugged browser feature?

Letran: Shoftee: and ?

Feickert: Shoftee: no that is actually what jquery uses

Wondoloski: So if you get more it means the looping in jquery causes this

Peabody: Heh. this is intriguing

Dorlando: That’s a 1 on my PC too.

Edick: It was basically the only thing i could suspect could cause the problem

Brumaghim: I can try debugging jQuery?

Thole: Does jQuery do something special with objects p****d from XML?

Siemens: Shoftee: and ?

Redmon: It is actually giving you 10 responses

Crocker: Sounds pretty fishy to me too.

Bengochia: The problem i’m trying to find is why you get the last element twice

Mottern: Maybe append is inplemented as “+” under some cir***stances?

Trend: Mattila: can i ask a question last question for today

Mattila: Go for it. i’m still half observing the room, :

Hanzlik: Or the for loop uses for var i in .

Khora: Let say i have 1000 records on table can i select some of them from jquery? when you click the button you will get this string also one of my table has those string in columns . Can i compare this string with value of column and select appropriate one?

Matuszeski: Shoftee: ok, so what ever goes wrong happens in sizzle

Faden: The function is fairly short, it would recommend digging down into what happens there and file a bug

Cervetti: I’ll debug that then, see what happens in my real case.

Mattila: Hellyeah: what’s the identifier on your columns?

Arendsee: Thanks for your help.

Girmazion: Shoftee:

Mancha: Project_name, environment and frontend

Merow: May be i need to change the design a bit

Garibai: Shoftee:

Pago: I just wonder selecting thing is possible in client side

Sperow: Btw, that jsfiddle was on jquery 1.8.3, I should probably try it on 1.11.1

Harty: Shoftee: ya, good idea

Borcherding: Shoftee: anyway thx for a very interesting case :