Sliney: If you take that.

Lyssy: Relay logs are removed soon after they have been applied. no separate control is required.

Rona: Is there a setting for it or just as needed once it is done with them?

Climes: Can anyone see why mariadb builds don’t pick up the ssl configuration and the first mysql build works. builds files and config – – have_ssl is showing up as disabled despire ssl config in ssl.cnf existing.

Sliney: Is it possible to rename a table using LIKE? RENAME TABLE ‘wp_’ LIKE ‘wp_’ TO ‘wp2_’; or am I going about this the wrong way Bachinski ? 😛

Sliney: I’m trying to save myself some typing by using wildcards

Baratta: Sliney: Try it and see, its quicker to type it on your system and try it than wait for one of us to tell you its ok

Mccalop: Sliney: it’ll be pretty obvious right away that you can’t do that.

Mccalop: Sliney: you don’t need to do much typing, just enough to write a simple script

Sliney: I found this:

Sliney: And what script would that be? php?

Sliney: And kolbe of course that didn’t work.but I ‘m not sure how to combein everything otgether

Sliney: Combine* damn can’t spell

Mccalop: Select concat’rename table ‘,table_name,’ to wp2_’,substrtable_name from 4,’;’ from information_schema.tables where table_schema=’test’ and table_name like ‘wp_%’;

Mccalop: That’ll output a whole bunch of statements, then you just execute them

Sliney: I would ***ume rename table

Mccalop: Kolbe that’ll output a whole bunch of statements, then you just execute them

Luer: Try using some application of brain activty and less use of discussion as an information retrieval ability.

Sliney: Could you point me to an article then danblack I’m new and just trying to learn

Mccalop: Sliney: in case you are simply too lazy to execute the thing yourself, here’s what it does for me:

Sliney: I’ve been googling my fingers off fyi

Mccalop: Stop googling and start thinking

Mccalop: Sliney: if you look at the thing i showed you, you’ll see that it starts with “rename table”. i don’t know where on earth you came up with “update”

Papillion: Sliney: That’s too bad. Now you can’t type.

Sliney: Lol Xgc I’m here. I ran the command and it displayed what I expected ran a command similar to that on that stackoverflow page.the problem is I don’t know how to execute

Sliney: I’m a guy who dove straight into linux from windows, using only minimal command, no gui interface so I can’t really copy/paste unless I’m using screen. still learning

Sliney: So excuse my ignorance

Bruening: Sliney: You probably believed someone who told you GUIs are bad.

Rogers: Sliney: or running an X server and xterms.

Sliney: No, I just want to learn the hard way

Lanclos: Sliney: Yes. Always do things the hardest way. That’s smart.

Sliney: Haha, yea.not /always/

Rzeczycki: Never look for the right way.

Sliney: I figured the best way to learn is to dive in head first

Wortz: It’s much more difficult if you type only with your nose. You should really practice that.

Cynova: That would work well with a head first approach.

Willams: Sliney: You should probably focus on more basic things, like learning how to use your computer, X server, xterms, etc.

Sliney: With that nose comment

Sliney: I work with web hosting so I’m also trying to learn mysql, php and such – not the smartest idea but gotta start somewhere

Poullion: Sliney: Then you might have an idea how you use an editor and command line mysql.

Kilbourn: Sliney: If you take that approach, you might have a clue how to run simple mysql statements and procedures.