So I add the difference to.

Mccamey: So I tried #webdev, then here

Whittle: Is there a name for a back-end feature that help save you time creating GUIs? Or is that generally done entirely on the front-end using raw data obtained via API requests?

Kupihea: Larrydavid: you can also generate DOM objects on the server, serialize them to HTML, and send them to the browser

Lymaster: Deltab: thanks. I knew that actually, but I don’t think HTML applies to a webapp with a fancy GUI like I have in mind.

Overley: Graphettion,

Franc: It’s more like a simple game GUI than anything

Elvis: If you’re updating every frame you might not want to use html for your gui

Elvis: Not all web-based games do that though

Loudon: Graphettion,

Toppi: Sillyslux: I was having trouble with returning arrays and figured out map does that so I came up with this –

Yerton: I appreciate the help man.

Mate: Gillice: number 22.182000000000002

Mate: Gillice: number 22.182000000000002

Goyette: Gillice, floating point math

Keiper: How do I prevent that

Kinart: Does anyone know what IEEE stands for, without Googling?

Schinnell: Institute of electrical and.

Facchine: Institute of electrical and electronics engineers?

Stikeleather: So this is predictable behavior then

Cortinas: Impaloo: I was already on the IEEE 754 page 😛

Goyette: It is normal behavior

Hoisington: Not very predictable though

Branker: How do I account for it?

Goyette: Gillice, what exactly are you trying to do?

Goyette: Like, what are you calculating?

Goyette: Floating points are ok for most things

Cleve: I have the y-coordinate of the first of 2 lines, and I know the difference between the two lines

Kool: So I add the difference and then try to find the 2nd line in a lookup table

Olbrish: Which obviously isn’t going to work if there’s a .00000000000002 difference

Lehtonen: I guess I need to put back the fuzzy searcher

Goyette: Gillice, if anything you could look for a bigint library

Goyette: This one

Bribiesca: I was looking at big.js

Belousson: Could someone summarize why this is happening at all?

Elvis: Gillice: floats are in base 2, and not base 10

Elvis: It’s like how 1/3 can’t be represented well in base ten 0.333333333

Goyette: Gillice,

Elvis: Gillice: if you can, avoid big decimals.

Elvis: They probably won’t do what you want.

Elvis: Even if they do they’re very very slow.

Elvis: Are you summing a lot of things, or just a few things

Goyette: Gillice, how were the other numbers calculated? The ones in the table

Defusco: I’m trying to create some html from within the JS, I’m a bit confused as to what’s up here . It seems to be messing up around the ‘head’0 part, but I’m not sure why as the html in the local version at least has a ‘head’. Any pointers would be cool, cheers

Piela: They are coordinates, they’re given

Goyette: Gillice, but you say you are trying to match th results, right?

Goyette: How were the results calculated

Anon: The coordinate I need is already somewhere in the lookup, the right numbe

Hofbauer: I know another coordinate and I know the difference between that one and the one I need

Weiler: So I add the difference to the known coordinate and try to find it in the lookup table