Ok there’s a lot in there.

Jarmin: Do get_query_var and get the profile info based on that

Worthy: Altering? you mean in term of the directions Wethern?

Wethern: Neeku, are you editing any code in your theme

Gutkowski: Also going to have to show different stuff on the user profile page based on if you are THAT user and are logged in

Slatin: Anyone know of a free theme that looks similar to this, or somewhat close http://www.verisure.no/ ? i understand i need to customize it a bit, but still wondering?

Wethern: LindsayM_, you could use template_redirect to better suit your needs maybe if you don’t want it manually– but aside from that, everything you’re saying sounds pretty. well, sound.

Wethern: LindsayM_, by manually, i mean an actual page created with a dropdown selection for your page template– bc someone could technically break that

Levere: Wethern: I have a system for hiding “blank pages” from site admins.

Massiah: Wethern: so. the RTL, and possibly the comments field under each post is what I’d need to edit. So far, I haven’t. I also volunteer to paste the edited code into updated files every time, which I do agree is super noobish, but this one thing has taken me ages and has just held me back from writing more posts. :-

Wethern: LindsayM_, one more way to skin that pesky cat heh

Ruggs: Wethern: or better said. hiding it from idiots who could potentially break it

Ebersold: But I dont see how template_redirect could remove the need for an “empty” page.?

Wethern: LindsayM_, i just fell in love with template_redirect after i made it my B heh. so i’m a bit partial

Meske: Template _redirect just sends you to a different page, no?

Wethern: It changes the template being used

Ballato: How do i remove the p tags wordpress creates around figures ?

Boorman: Https://gist.github.com/staycreativedesign/c0c16965797ba216250e

Blaxland: Wethern: so this “Following example will redirect all non-authenticated users to a custom ‘signup’ page when trying to visit the ‘goodies’ page.” isn’t accurate?

Wethern: And in conjunction with some rewrite even if it’s not clean, you can get it to have an invisible page without having oen hidden

Mcaloon: It doesnt change the PAGE but the template?

Wethern: LindsayM_, you mgiht be right. lemme look at my code i may be thinking of a diff hook

Filipek: Dopie: thats not a p tag around figure

Wethern: LindsayM_, i think i got that hook mixed up before in convo — 1 more moment

Meagher: Dopie: GOOGLE https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/empty-p-tags-added-into-figure-element

Lattanzio: Dopie: https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/empty-paragraphs-around-figure-and-figcaption-tags

Stockmaster: LindsayM_, if its fixed for 3.4

Vinal: Why isn’t it applying to my release?

Wethern: LindsayM_, yeah i goofed. it’s template_include

Wethern: Idk why i mix thsoe up in conversation. certainly makes things difficult. generating a paste for you jas

Grizzell: Dopie: Click. then read.

Grandos: Quick question: where do i find the css for the posts-page ?

Rynes: Rontill: almost if not all the css will likely be in style.css

Dinatale: Opsec: heading over to TJs. I’ll let you know if the grahams are back on teh shelf.

Seilhymer: Rontill: Please use the built-in Developer Tools of your browser to fix problems with your website. Right click your page and pick “Inspect Element” Cr, FF, Op or press F12-button IE to track down CSS problems. Use the console to see JavaScript bugs.

Erion: LindsayM_, you are directing me towards markdown?

Criswell: Can I come back in like half an hour Wethern? can’t stop drooling at all this junk food, while my stomach is already full; and the laptop will die soon. will be home soon, though. will you be around?

Wethern: LindsayM_, http://pastebin.com/agGtvA7t

Wethern: Ok there’s a lot in there but i gave it all to you — i prob could have trimmed it up