S34n: the only reliable way.

Kalinoski: Wait this isn’t a promise joke sorry

Reineck: Aivot-on: more like aivot-off at least with the amount of sense that sentence made ;

Owings: S/somefrom/somebody/g

Belarde: This is bad right? I noticed that we are doing a POST on all errors that are captured by our application. Now when network is down, all the POST is in pending

Anzalone: I mean, we are POSTing all the errors to a central logging server

Friess: What do you think about this proposal – store the errors to localStorage which will get check every 15 mins. If there are errors recorded, submit it via POST if network is available

Reineck: Well I’d imagine scenarios where the network is down are rare so you’re probably not losing a whole lot

Kalinoski: Sounds like an effective fallback to me

Chittester: Look what is happening when my browser cannot access the internet, http://imgur.com/FsxmXyB

Reineck: But then again, if you want to see what errors occur because of network being down, then yeah that seems like a reasonable idea

Bongio: Perfect term mentioned, thanks Kalinoski for saying fallback

Kadner: And yes you are right zomg, network downtime happens but rarely

Kalinoski: Fallbacks make for robust code

Ganer: I was like, wtf is going on, why is this logging taking so long, lol. I learned that our app was making a POST

Smaller: I though our logging was a console.log on steroids

Steinmiller: But it was more than i thought of

Kalinoski: Yeah you can use it but you need an 8-core processor and 1TB of memoryy

Moise: I’ll catch you guys later, i’m reaching my train station in 3 mins.

Killoran: Anyone know how to get the webpack-dev-server running with a proxy? i tried this but to no avail: http://jsfiddle.net/wc9t3owt/

Dement: So vmware fusion 8 is out eh, $50 upgrade. anyone do it yet ?

Graffam: Is there a way to Array.pop a specific key other than array.spliceloc, 1? Like Array2.pop?

Kruchten: Var arr = 1, 2, 3; arr1.pop; console.logarr;

Mate: Giraffe_: TypeError: arr1.pop is not a function

Kalinoski: Unless you want to implement splice manually

Gentleman: Giraffe_: its best not to mutate arrays at all

Maalouf: Gentleman: is splicing considered mutating?

Mate: Giraffe_: Array mutator methods: push, pop, unshift, shift, splice, reverse, sort. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Array#Mutator_methods

Alekna: Uh, so whats an alternative if I need to remove something from an array? Add a boolean and just check for that?

Gentleman: Ie, you don’t remove something from an array. you make a new array, without the thing you don’t want.

Scheerer: Could anyone help me with cookies

Shay: They arent hard to make LearningJS

Planck: Unless you want chocolate ones

Anable: Well I’m facing a few problems

Banales: LearningJS: It’s best to just ask your questions instead of asking if anyone can help you.

Fecher: Ok well how can a store a variable in a cookie and then read it later the variable is a number that often change

Luallen: Ok. I just created an awkward moment

Erebia: What have you tried LearningJS.

Ura: Do***ent.cookie=”save=wood; some date; some path;”;

Llorens: LearningJS: is the value needed by the server?

Ebright: What is the best way to test whether an object is a regular expression?

Reineck: That would probably work

Reineck: Detecting the type of objects like that can be a code smell though, depending on what you’re doing

Gentleman: Instanceof is unreliable.

Gentleman: S34n: the only reliable way is implemented in https://www.npmjs.com/package/is-regex