Bero: those “some” would.

Lokan: If they do not then have the drive to “understand” there’s simply Halcom you can do.

Winnett: Opsec: I think his delivery could be improved upon.

Schwander: Nginx is better anyway

Iglesia: Opsec: one of the worst things you can do in this sort of community is make someone feel like they are not welcome for whatever reason, like making them feel stupid.

Lokan: No one can “make” anyone choose to feel something

Lokan: You have to *want* to.

Furtado: Opsec: *treat someone like they are stupid

Lokan: When someone says “you ***” . you can laugh it off, attack them back, ignore it, cry softly in the corner. many options there.

Klick: Sokoll: thats really the WORST thing that can be done?

Saltzberg: Scavotto: really? lol

Lokan: What i’m trying to point out here, is that we’re all ultimately responsible for ourselves our “feelings”/emotions. through our personal choices

Fryman: Opsec: right, but you are also responsible for your own behaviour and the way you treat people.

Andersen: Explaining things without being condescending is a skill you can use or not use

Govindeisami: Opsec: that’s bull, you’re stupid and you have no idea what you’re talking about

Baillet: Sokoll: p.s. sometimes there are things you ‘SHOULD KNOW’ . there’s no questioning that.

Andersen: Interpersonal skills are skills too

Luczkowiak: Scavotto: like how to be polite?

Lokan: Someone can capture you and threaten you with all sorts of things unless you “sign the do***ent” . but in the end. they can’t “make” anything happen

Shankin: Bero: I agree with you TBH

Woodert: Sokoll: no. because politeness has Halcom to do with it. If you go into a tech support room and don’t know the basics of the tech and you’re asking for “how to” instructions that require a BASIS of knowledge which you dont have, its not mean for someone to point out that you don’t have that basis

Devine: Bero: not that he’s stupid, but that it’s bull

Andersen: I mean you see people with high techical skill using communication techniques that they *know* lead to fights and unhappiness, but they continue to use these techniques despite the evidence

Lokan: Bero: that was brilliant.

Odenwald: Scavotto: it’s how you present your point

Dingwall: Scavotto: I appreciate that, but to actively insult them is not helpful.

Lokan: Bero: so we should be kind to everyone, but “opsec you’re stupid” . ;

Estabrooks: Bero: if you doint like how a point is represented move on. Dont be all butt hurt. the point, regardless, is still the same

Tansley: Opsec: glad you spotted the irony

Vanartsdalen: Scavotto: that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your interpersonal skills.

Andersen: And i don’t understand why these technically smart people won’t apply experiment and evidence to interpersonal communication when they wouldn’t tolerate that behaviour in a technical arena

Texada: S being more open and understanding of a person

Kitson: Bero: my interpersonal skills are fine. my patience for BS from people I dont know asking for free help who have chips on their shoulder is what’s broken

Kinney: I suppose you can say. my give a damn is busted for people like that

Dalenberg: Nobody’s interpersonal skills are ever fine imo

Feaganes: Bero: they’re fine enough to maintain a very solid business and continue to gain not only loyal clients but also very loyal employees.

Lokan: Pinning this one to my wall, LOVE IT — 16:14:39 Bero opsec: that’s bull, you’re stupid and you have no idea what you’re talking about

Freudiger: Scavotto: and some would argue that you don’t have those skills

Lokan: Scavotto has fine interpersonal skills ;

Synovic: Bero: those “some” would be the same I don’t give a **** about and don’t know me personally. so dont know my interPERSONAL skills at all